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Libro Breaks Ground in the US to eat OpenTable’s Lunch

When you speak with restaurant owners about OpenTable, Resy, or SeatMe, they will describe a love/hate relationship with these types of reservation software. While they love the ease of use of these platforms and the traffic they bring in, they loathe the cost of reservations per customer.

Libro’s online reservation system solves this problem. Libro allows diners to make reservations directly from a restaurant's website or Facebook page. They have around 3,000 active restaurants using the software in Canada and they're slowly breaking ground in the United States with their integration to Veloce, a Full-Service Restaurant POS.

While the Libro team is motivated to bring restaurants more customers, they don't assume that a restaurant’s every customer found that restaurant through their reservation software. Instead of charging per reservation, they charge the restaurant a flat monthly fee. Libro does not charge restaurants for customers that find them through common search engines (Google, Google Map, Yelp, Apple Maps, Yahoo, etc.).

For instance, if I searched for a restaurant through OpenTable and made a reservation, it is fair to say OpenTable has the right to charge the restaurant for that lead. However, I have a feeling that a majority of the reservations come from search engines before redirecting through the reservation systems, as opposed to coming from direct searches within those systems. Libro actually shows you how the customer got to your website, which is more honest and fairer to the restaurants.

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Libro’s interface and Veloce integration make it easy to use, so that you can see the value of each customer (number of visits, total spend, etc.). I shadowed their Co-founder in San Francisco last week to do a few in-person sales. It was wonderful to see the positive response we got from each of the restaurant owners as we spoke with them about the flexibility of owning their customer data. The empowerment that Libro offers restaurateurs should put traditional reservation systems on high alert.

Libro is looking for Banks, ISOs, and other resellers in the United States. Feel free to reach out if you're interested to learn more:

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