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April Newsletter

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PayPal and OvationCXM Announce Collaboration

We're thrilled to announce a new collaboration with PayPal. OvationCXM will be integral to PayPal’s focus on the buying journey.Together, we'll drive market leadership and customer acquisition of the payment giant's platform, helping drive value to end merchants to ensure a world-class customer experience through collaboration with the global payment leader’s capabilities.OvationCXM will also focus on providing value to ISOs, banks, ISVs and others who work with PayPal to deliver value to their end markets.When you combine OvationCXM with the biggest brand in innovative payments, magic happens!

Read the full announcement.

Product Spotlight: API Library and Embedded Apps

We've made several exciting additions to OvationCXM!

  • API Libraries: Connect with virtually any third-party API, unlocking a universe of data sources and functionalities to tailor your customer journeys.
  • Journey-Related API Activities: Connect your journeys to external APIs to trigger actions in other systems based on journey progress, or pull in customer data to personalize the journey experience.
  • Embedded Apps: Integrate data from external applications directly into CXMEngine without the need to store this information in our platform.

These new features provide a more holistic approach to customer experience management. With them, you can foster organizational collaboration across internal departments and external partners that fulfill part of your customer journeys.

Read our product spotlight for all of the details.

Blog: Optimizing CX with Salesforce and OvationCXM

Since CX has such a dramatic effect on business outcomes, brands are increasingly interested in technologies that can streamline CX operations most effectively. Our latest article explores how Salesforce and OvationCXM work together in CX management and the pros and cons of each.

Topics covered included:

  • Core capabilities of Salesforce for CX management
  • Benefits and challenges of leveraging Salesforce for customer experience management
  • Strategies to maximize an existing Salesforce implementation for CX and business results.

See all of our CX resources in our resource center.

Blog: Managing Third-Party CX Risk

Fintech-bank partnerships have come under scrutiny with regulators coming together to detail specific guidance. The bottom line? Customer relationships belong to the financial institutions so they are responsible for partner CX.

  • Explore the risks outlined by regulatory agencies.
  • Discover how CX technology streamlines service governance and reporting.

Learn how to mitigate risks in partner CX.

Video: CXM Overview

Check out our new CXM Overview video, and see our capabilities in 90 seconds!

Learn how our platform:

  • Unifies customer information from different departments and partners in one place.
  • Lets you build frictionless journey workflows and even trigger next steps with third parties to speed up activation and usage.
  • Uses AI to automate CX, reducing manual effort.
  • Turns customer information into an AI-powered dashboard of trends, opportunities and recommended actions.

OvationCXM On the Move

(l to r: Guiseppi Marzelli with Irv Henderson)

OvationCXM's Guiseppi Marzelli was in Las Vegas for ETA Transact earlier this month, along with our head of banking, Vaneet Grewal. This year's meeting was filled with dozens of meetings, hot payment topics and catch-ups with long-time friends. Hear how payments and CX are changing fast, driven by customer expectations, by responding to this email, and we'll get back to you!

About Our Platform

Our AI-infused CXMEngine is an all-in-one CX platform and the only one that connects organizations and their external providers and partners to collaborate and support their shared customers as they move through a customer journey.

Companies can build precise end-to-end branded experiences in minutes, using their rich data and AI to analyze and optimize the experience.

AI-fueled automations, suggestions, in-journey insights and time-saving capabilities like summarizations eliminate manual tasks, dramatically increasing productivity while maintaining customer satisfaction.

The result is reduced support volume and costs and increased customer retention and growth. See CXMEngine in Action.