Optimize CX by managing
your partner ecosystem

Access customer data across your ecosystem
and improve service governance.

The only CX platform that connects you to partners in real-time.
See your customer interactions with ecosystem partners
Manage CX across teams and partners.
Unified in one place. As it happens.
Decide what data to share and when.
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Real-time collaboration
Progress journeys faster. 
Coordinate cross-organizational actions. 
Always-on updates replace email threads and phone queues.
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Service governance
Evaluate ecosystem performance in real time. 
Ensure partners align to your brand’s CX.
Use in-platform AI to summarize CX for reporting.
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Our platform or yours
Work in the UI you choose. 
Extends value of legacy tech.
No re-architecture required.
Plug into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more.
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How ecosystem connectors transform customer CX.

“From pre to post-OvationCXM…we have a much clearer playbook and standard around what it means to partner with KeyBank and bring a solution through the KeyBank channel. It involves delivering our standard of client experience, and we couldn't do it without the technology.”
Jon Briggs, Executive Vice President of
Commercial Payments at KeyBank

Business outcomes by orchestrating
your ecosystem.


Reduction in
time to


Reduction in
follow-up calls


Jump in service

Improve CX results with ecosystem connectors

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Connecting your partner ecosystem drives results
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Frequently asked questions Ecosystem Connectors

How do ecosystem connectors enhance CX?

Companies are increasingly relying on partnerships with third parties to accelerate the launch of innovative products and services. Those partners fulfill parts of the customer journey under the brand’s umbrella, which makes the brand accountable for that service. 

Ecosystem Connectors eliminate data silos and open up visibility into all interactions in real-time so brands can see what’s happening with a customer, even with a partner. That allows companies to solve friction, address issues and ensure the journey progresses even when parts of it are outside their walls.

Which platforms are in OvationCXM’s Connector network?

Our pre-built connectors plug into many different platforms enterprises use daily. View all of our ecosystem and tech connectors.