Deliver intelligent, connected shopper experiences across every journey.

Drive costs down and improve loyalty through streamlined, personalized journeys and in-the-moment support exactly when shoppers need it.

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Deliver CX success in retail, without the complexity.

Despite the challenge of navigating today’s complex retail landscape, meeting consumer expectations is simpler than you think. With CXMEngine, your business can deliver seamless, personalized, and highly relevant shopper experiences at scale, while building long-term relationships with customers.

Created connected shopper experiences.

Drive revenue growth.

Improve customer acquisition.

Boost customer retention.

Build and maintain brand loyalty.

Enable data-driven decision-making.

Never lose sight of the customer journey.

Connect the dots across all the touchpoints in the shopper journey in one place, and create cross–channel experiences that close the gap between what consumers expect and what they currently receive.

Deliver on your personalization promise.

Put journey building in the hands of the business line. Create separate customer and employee journeys viewed in a single screen, using drag and drop ease. Create automated actions and tasks to encourage journey progress and prevent details from falling through the cracks.

Leverage AI for actionable insights & on-demand service.

Stay responsive to shoppers 24/7 using intelligent virtual assistants that can triage incoming requests with ease, including routing to the right human with all the context and information they need to respond to the request immediately. Easily generate AI–powered insights on customer intent, language and sentiment to empower agents to take the next best action.

Connect your vendor ecosystem.

Turn your extended ecosystem of suppliers and vendors into trusted partners by connecting all relevant systems to help you manage the shopper experience. Maintain brand control and respond to shoppers with the information they need when they need it, no matter where they are on their journey.

How retailers can leverage CXMEngine.

Journey Personalization

Order Fulfillment & Delivery

Next Best Product Recommendation

Omnichannel Engagement

Feedback & Review Management

Cross-Sell & Upsell

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Retail Ecosystem Connection

Engagement Insights & Analytics

Need extra support? Talk to OvationCXM’s about our on-demand remote & field support.

Whether your support teams are out of capacity or you want to leverage a partner to handle all of your support, OvationCXM has an expert team of support engineers to come alongside your company. We have deep expertise in the retail technologies used to run your business.

Enable support across preferred channels including phone, chat, SMS, and email. Enjoy end-to-end resolution management, as if we were an extension of your enterprise.

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