Simplify technology onboarding and adoption with CXMEngine.

Prioritize user needs and expectations, easily collect feedback for analysis and take targeted action to continuously improve processes in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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Foster a more satisfied user base with ease.

CXMEngine for Tech and Telecom allows teams to get a quick understanding of customer needs and pain points and deliver excellent service through a single, consolidated view of customer products, services and history.

Leverage a unified view of the user/customer.

Improve user engagement and satisfaction by breaking down the empowering teams with a unified view into a customer’s history, including current plans, add-ons, fees, previous interactions and support tickets.

Deliver technical knowledge and support in real-time.

Easily map care journeys across healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies with our drag-and-drop journey builder. Create automated actions, tasks and notifications to encourage journey progress and prevent details from falling through the cracks.

Simplify complex journeys, from pre-sales to onboarding.

Map, build and monitor complex journeys across tech and telecom ecosystems without a single line of code. Create automated tasks and actions to support consistent customer engagement cross channels, including supporting customers with prompt follow ups.

Quickly connect your ecosystems without frustration.

Tech and telecom companies often have diverse data sources across their evolving business ecosystems. Leverage our growing connector networks to easily plug into different systems, providing both customers and employees with a view into journey progress.

Easily gather feedback for improved insights.

Gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback with powerful, fully customizable forms directly within our all-in-one interface. Collect accurate and reliable data using validation rules and use feedback to support product and service improvements.

How tech and telecom uses CXMEngine.

Client Onboarding

Data Aggregation

Ecosystem Connection

Support Team Enablement

Troubleshooting Support

Gather Client Feedback

Need extra support? Talk to OvationCXM’s about our on-demand remote & field support.

Whether your support teams are out of capacity or you want to leverage a partner to handle all of your support, OvationCXM has an expert team of support engineers to come alongside your company. We have deep expertise in the retail technologies used to run your business.

Enable support across preferred channels including phone, chat, SMS, and email. Enjoy end-to-end resolution management, as if we were an extension of your enterprise.

Ready to see how OvationCXM can unlock immediate benefits across your teams?

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