Real-time visibility and insights for superior care.

Simplify complex patient journeys, pinpoint exactly where they break down and make improvements for all stakeholders, including patients, plan members, administrators and providers.

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Pave the path to coordinated, efficient and collaborative healthcare delivery.

Your healthcare ecosystem is complex with many providers, payers, patients, technology companies, legacy systems and internal and external teams. Bring them together into a single view to optimize your customers' experiences with CXMEngine for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Improved patient satisfaction.

Increased patient engagement.

Data-driven decision making.

Real-time cross-organization collaboration.

Enhanced member loyalty and retention.

Better health outcomes.

Get a single, consolidated view of the healthcare consumer.

Reduce errors and improve coordinated delivery across multiple healthcare providers with a single view of the healthcare consumer. Empower teams with the information they need to ensure they are on the same page.

Take charge of every care journey.

Easily map care journeys across healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies with our drag-and-drop journey builder. Create automated actions, tasks and notifications to encourage journey progress and prevent details from falling through the cracks.

Leverage AI-powered analytics to uncover bottlenecks.

Uncover why and where care journeys break down in real-time, including leveraging AI-powered suggestions to address common challenges and bring to light previously hidden bottlenecks.

Break down silos by connecting the care ecosystem.

Bring all your tools together and connect into your trusted partners’ systems to deliver stress-free patience experiences that drive engagement and care plan adherence.

How healthcare & life sciences use CXMEngine.

Complete Patient View

AI-Powered Query Routing & Response

Ecosystem Data Aggregation

Smarter Patient Mgmt & Engagement

Efficient Complaint Resolution

Product & Tech Support

Client Onboarding

Collect & Analyze Customer Feedback

Enrollment & Claims Processing

Need extra support? Talk to OvationCXM’s about our on-demand CX support.

Whether your support teams are out of capacity or you want to leverage a partner to handle all of your support, OvationCXM provides remote support to healthcare and life sciences clients to monitor and quickly respond to customers 24x7 across phone, chat, and email from a single integrated interface.

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