Don’t make customers go searching for help. Bring it to them.

Take CX action to drive loyalty and satisfaction.

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Rapid servicing of what your customers need.

One bad experience can lead to a lost customer. CXMEngine® elevates your service for strong business outcomes and happier customers.


NPS increase


Increase in service visibility


Increase in employee satisfaction


Reduction in operating costs

Insightful knowledge delivery.

Engage self-learning AI to supercharge productivity with suggested solutions and responses. The platform learns from each interaction to inform the next engagement across communication channels, effectively taking the best responses and disseminating them across the team.

Improve customer outcomes by moving knowledge to the edge with FAQs, helping your team focus on the tougher customer challenges.

Stop bouncing  customers around.

60% of businesses said it took more than four contacts to resolve issues with their financial provider. High support volume is a drain on teams, budgets and business outcomes. Deliver great outcomes with a service gateway that makes you the “front door” for effective first-contact resolution.

CXMEngine seamlessly routes issues across internal teams, third parties and ecosystem partners to reduce customer frustrations with cold hand-offs and confusing next steps.

Customers never need to call, hang up, call back and repeat who they are and what they need. Our platform stops the “ping pong” effect.

Solve issues before they become problems.

Win customers for life with solution and network monitoring to proactively solve issues before it affects them.

Proactively monitor your customer’s environment, identify faults around your solution, and deliver all those signals in one pane of glass or via API while automating routine tasks.

Notify customers that help is one the way before they contact you - surprise and delight.

Expert help when you need it.

Technology products can be complex to support, update and sometimes, replace.

OvationCXM gives you seamless access to a network of on-demand technology product experts. Tap into our service layer for 24/7 remote and in-person technology help.

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“Ensuring our customers have the best product support possible is a top priority for Vivid. With OvationCXM's platform and support services, I can focus on growing our business knowing that our customers are getting the product support they need to grow their business.”

— Drew Henmi

President & CEO, Vivid Payments

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