The only unified, AI-enhanced CXM workspace your team will ever need.

Empower your teams to be more productive using the power of AI and collaborate efficiently across customers and cases without ever leaving their screen.


Get more done faster and better than ever before with our all-in-one workspace.

For over five years, AI has been at the core of CX Manager. With cutting-edge advancements, we've supercharged every capability for the ultimate AI-powered CXM workspace your teams deserve. With CX Manager, all your tools, cases and conversations work as one. The result? No more disjointed handoffs, communication gaps and frustrated customers.

Connect all interactions in one place.

See and engage with your customers across their journeys, including when they are interacting with trusted partners, within a single screen. Communicate directly and intelligently with customers within this workspace using near-instant AI-generated context and sentiment for rapid query and case resolution.

Leverage the power of clean data.

Easily gather customer information and feedback using powerful, fully customizable forms directly within CX Manager. Collect accurate and reliable data using validation rules and error-checking mechanisms, and use form templates to drive efficiency and speed.

Empower teams with efficient automation.

Optimize workloads, automate engagements and give employees the information they need instantly to help customers in real-time. Summarize customer and case information in seconds using our powerful AI and easily collaborate with team members and partners across organizations for the ultimate in connected customer experiences.

Smart suggestions for smarter conversations.

Deliver intelligent AI-generated answers to agents in an instant and when exactly when they need it. Easily generate well-crafted next responses and automatically create draft knowledge articles in your brand voice using the power of AI.

Break through ecosystem silos and go-live quickly.

Integrate into existing applications and partners with our low-to-no code SDKs and APIs, no development needed.

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Manage all your customer interactions as they happen, in one place.

Aggregate and consolidate your customer interactions across your ecosystems to solve service frustrations in the moment.

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"OvationCXM at the time helped to solve our other pain point in taking back front-end experience and the servicing experience. [It] allowed us to create a unique journey for our clients on the servicing side and take back that portion of the value chain... We now have leading NPS and client retention statistics in the space."

— Jon Briggs

head of commercial product & innovation, Keybank


Understand what your customers need at every stage of their journey.

Learn how to effectively manage the customer experience, including the tools needed to optimize and measure success, across your ecosystem.

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