AI Guiding Principles

At OvationCXM, we believe AI is an extraordinarily powerful technology that has the power to transform the way we work and live. Rapidly evolving advancements in generative AI are accelerating our ability to help organizations unlock incredible customer experience delivery for employees and customers. By using the latest innovations in AI, we advance our mission to empower businesses with the technology and tools they need to take charge of their customer experiences.

At the same time, OvationCXM is deeply committed to using AI responsibly. We acknowledge the trust our customers and partners have placed in us as we apply AI advances to our core products and services and have developed our AI principles with this trust in mind.

OvationCXM’s approach to value-based AI includes:

  1. Safety and Security: We are committed to enabling the safe and secure use of AI. Our customers maintain complete control of their data and can choose to leverage OvationCXM’s locally-hosted models for added data security, privacy and confidence.
  2. Cost Optimization: We strongly believe that the cost of technology should never outweigh the benefit it creates. We are committed to cost transparency and cost optimization as the building blocks to maximizing technology’s value.
  3. Thoughtfulness and Objectivity: We are committed to limiting bias in our AI models through the use of customer-led training. We are also committed to preventing AI hallucinations through regular model validation.
  4. Continuous Monitoring: We are committed to the continuous monitoring of our use of AI models for proactive response management.
  5. Transparency and Explainability: We are committed to providing transparency and clarity on how our AI capabilities work so that our customers understand how these technologies may benefit them. 
  6. Accountability: We are accountable to our customers and will welcome continuous feedback about our AI-powered experiences.
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