and Architecture


The CXMEngine® platform is hosted across multiple geo-redundant data centers and cloud platforms, with 99.99+% product uptime. The platform features PCI/SOC compliant componentry, networking, and access-controls - ensuring that it comes bank-grade ready for any clients in the banking and financial services spaces.

CXMEngine features horizontally scalable and independently deployable platform design - it ebbs and flows as demand for service spikes and falls. Security scans on the platform are run regularly, with vulnerability patches deployed on a regular cadence (features 24x7 NOC functionality).

Software Development Lifecycle

CXMEngine features the best of both worlds - the maturity and stability of an established enterprise software platform, combined with the agility of software that’s been developed in the past 8 years.

The Quality Assurance process is iterative and comprehensive, with 26 releases going out per year.

The release process is held to a bank-grade standard, with multiple tests and staging environments to ensure quality. This includes continually updated automated unit, integration and performance testing. Regular static source code analysis, dynamic application analysis, and penetration testing are performed against bank-grade standards, ensuring quality performance.

API & Integrations

CXMEngine REST APIs implement full CRUD functionality across its business objects, enabling deep customization, data synchronization, and integration. End-to-end TLS encryption, generous rate limits, and signed HMAC request headers allow CXMEngine to securely and reliably depend on these APIs in production applications. Each endpoint request/response payload is detailed in Swagger documentation, which simplifies custom integrations.

CXMEngine’s security protocols fully adhere to SAML2 standards. You are able to securely integrate your existing user-base with single sign-on authentication controls, ensuring that user data is never compromised.


Accessibility is an important aspect of our platform and we continually enhance our product to ensure we deliver an accessible product. All customer-facing Knowledge is ADA 2.1 compliant.

We will soon be updating all other customer-facing surfaces as well as our internal user-screens to be officially ADA 2.1 compliant as well

Machine Learning & NLP

Machine learning is built into the core of what we do, making each and every interaction smarter, better, and faster than the last.

The more you use it, the smarter it gets. We leverage a combination of proprietary and open source models to create our intelligent product suite across agent suggestions and conversational AI.

"The new OvationCXM partnership allows KeyBank to provide small businesses with a superior overall experience in conjunction with a best-in-class merchant processing solution."

— Jon Briggs

head of commercial product & innovation, Keybank

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