Customer activation shouldn’t be hard.

OvationCXM makes customer activation and onboarding painless and third-party collaboration a breeze. Your customers will thank you.

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Change the way customers experience onboarding

Activation and onboarding can be the most challenging phases along a customer’s journey. They don’t have to be.

OvationCXM Powers Positive Business Outcomes

Faster time-to-revenue


Lift in Revenue Growth
Lower support costs


Drop in call volume
Happier customers


Increase in NPS scores
Customers stick around


Drop in Attrition
Higher team satisfaction


Jump in employee satisfaction scores
Complete view of customer


Improvement in service visibility

Give customers a reason to stay

When onboarding and activation becomes lengthy and complex, your customers leave. Churn rates rise.

CXMEngine builds order out of chaos by bringing your processes, internal tools, people and third-party collaborators into one place so you can efficiently track your customer’s entire journey and make the process painless for them.

Motivate customers to move toward the next stage of their customer life cycle faster than they would on their own. Whether onboarding a new customer, re-engaging an inactive one or upgrading a loyal advocate, CXMEngine empowers you to do it with speed, insight and empathy.

Everything in one place

Your employees no longer have to guess where the customer is in their onboarding stage.

Track their entire journey and manage all communication through multiple channels without ever having to toggle between a variety of screens and systems.

Bring your ecosystem together

Bring together your third-party ecosystem to have a common view of the customer and streamline your partnerships.

In B2B go-to-market models that include resellers and other ecosystem stakeholders, the activation customer journey is usually disjointed.  

This multi-party delivery model requires orchestration so the customer feels like they are dealing with a single, united team.

"Activating and supporting new customers has never been this easy. We have active and happy customers with just a few clicks."

Brian Kamstra