Customer activation shouldn’t be hard.

OvationCXM makes your customer activation and onboarding painless and third-party collaboration a breeze. Your customers will thank you.

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Change the way customers experience onboarding.

Activation and onboarding can be the most challenging phases in a customer’s journey. It doesn't have to be.


60%+ NPS increase

Streamlined third-party partner collaboration


10%+ increase in revenue


360° view of a customer's journey


Reduction in attrition

Centralized multi-channel communication

Give customers a reason to stay.

76% of business banking customers admit they've abandoned onboarding a new product or service and moved on because it was too complex and complicated. Companies in every industry must see and fix CX issues in the moment to avoid these disastrous statistics.

CXMEngine® insulates customers from bouncing around multi-party customer journeys that leave them wondering where they are at in their journey and what's next.

Engage and motivate customers to move ahead into the next journey step faster than they would on their own. Onboard a new customer, re-engage an inactive one or upgrade a loyal advocate with speed, insight and customer empathy.

Everything in one place.

Stop leaving your teams guessing where a customer is in their onboarding stage. Track their entire journey and manage all of the communication across multiple channels in one thread, without toggling between screens and systems.

Share journey progress with clients, too, so they know where they are in the process, what's next and who is responsible.

Bring your ecosystem together.

In B2B go-to-market models that include resellers and other ecosystem stakeholders, the activation journey is especially disjointed. Multi-party delivery requires orchestration and visibility to make the customer feel like they are dealing with a single-solution team.

Our platform brings in interactions from your third-party ecosystem enabling a common view of the customer and streamlined partnerships.

“We’ve enjoyed working with OvationCXM to ensure our customers have the training and support they need 24/7. Our goal is to have customers activated and trained within 3 days. Our relationship with OvationCXM helps make that happen.”

— Lawrence Brown

Technical Support Manager, BLUEDOG

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