2022: A Year of Incredible Product Growth for OvationCXM

2022 was an incredible year for OvationCXM, and taking stock of everything we have achieved this year has been quite an experience for the team. The theme for this past year has really been one of advancement. We focused our energy on improving and refining several capabilities within CXMEngine, our pioneering Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform. 

Empowering Agents to Improve the Customer Experience in Real Time

CXMEngine continues to evolve in both its overall functionality and capabilities. This year, we focused on better supporting individual users and teams as they work to understand, communicate and solve customer queries in real time. We’ve added a host of new features to support faster resolution of cases, including the addition of Tasks and Journeys within the Cases panel as well as flexible layout templates and custom fields to suit different teams’ needs. These new features provide our clients with:

  • Greater visibility for agents and end customers with real-time journey updates
  • Expanded communication capabilities with our new and improved Messenger application
  • Reduced time spent troubleshooting with intelligent AI-powered suggestions and knowledge delivery
  • Simplify case resolution coordination through task assignments and intelligent routing
  • Leverage enterprise-level Uptime SLAs to ensure operational continuity

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Powering Up Our No Code Journeys Builder

As we work to help customers rewire their businesses for journeys instead of touchpoints, we’ve been working tirelessly to perfect our powerful Journeys engine that will help organizations own the end-to-end customer experience. Our drag-and-drop Journeys builder will allow for an unlimited number of journeys to be designed with ease, as well as the ability to track journeys in real time. We are also elevating our analytics capabilities to help teams understand how each step of the customer journey is performing so that they can proactively address potential bottlenecks, friction and areas of lower conversion. With our updates to Journeys, teams can now:

  • Create, automate and bucket different journeys and add those journey types directly into their Case panel
  • Make adjustments and exceptions within journeys for individual customers
  • Better prioritize the customer journeys of today and make the case for the journey paths of tomorrow.

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Looking Ahead into 2023

In 2023, we will continue to strengthen our Journeys engine, elevating our AI-powered knowledge management and delivery capabilities, and creating more robust bots through our no-code Bot Builder to help organizations build more intelligent, powerful automations. In tandem, our teams are building out robust connections into a growing ecosystem of fintech providers for more consistent customer visibility, collaboration and journey orchestration both within our signature single-panel workspace or in any UI of your choosing.

With the continued talk of recession moving into 2023, we know companies everywhere will be re-examining their current technology stacks with the hope of capitalizing on what their current systems can offer. Continued product innovation is our top priority heading into the new year. Our focus remains on advancing our solution, with an eye towards enabling better business processes and creating more opportunities to truly partner with technology teams so that they can capitalize on their current stacks without spending time and resources on integration. 

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