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The Power of ChatGPT in Conversational AI

ChatGPT is a massive disrupter, and right now, it’s all anyone can talk about. Its natural flow of language and the articulate responses it gives to prompts have blown everyone away. Sure, sometimes the answers are more verbose than required and other times, very general or even inaccurate, but the speed and easy conversational tone are magical. Even people who have never uttered the words “conversational AI” are talking about it alongside natural language processing and machine learning thanks to the explosion of ChatGPT to the general public. 

We asked ChatGPT to write a poem about the advantages it offers over traditional chatbots when it comes to natural language processing in conversational AI. Here’s what it said!

Natural language processing, oh what a delight,

Bringing new skills to our chats day and night.

ChatGPT stands tall, with prowess and might,

A clever AI that leads the fight.

Gone are the days of simple 'yes' or 'no',

Now we converse with ease and watch our thoughts flow.

No need to worry about a rigid script,

For ChatGPT knows how to handle any trick.

From answering questions to crafting prose,

This model does it all, from head to toes.

It learns and grows, never takes a break,

And makes our chat experience truly great.

So say goodbye to boring, mundane chats,

And embrace the future with open arms and hats.

With ChatGPT by our side, we'll never be stuck.

It certainly doesn’t lack confidence! ChatGPT and conversational AI will dramatically shift online customer experience, in chatbots and in the quest to deliver knowledge to employee and customer support teams quickly.

Conversational AI of ChatGPT vs. scripted chatbots

The first impression one has when using ChatGPT is how human-like the responses are to queries and how easy it is to build on the conversation by adding new prompts. This is why natural language processing and conversational AI shine and how they will overhaul what chat sessions look like.

In the case of ChatGPT, the creators of this disruptor do warn users that, today, ChatGPT  "may occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content and “sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers.” But, that doesn’t stop customer experience experts from recognizing its massive potential to make over and improve traditional chats. The key is ensuring any natural language processing models are set within organizational guard rails and trained to pull the value from this conversational AI without unlocking unpredictable or off-brand communication.  

40% of web users don't care if they are served by a bot or human as long as they get the customer support services they need. (HubSpot)

As ChatGPT so eloquently explains, chatbots now built with inflexible scripts and decision trees only give canned responses. You say this; they respond with that. But go outside those parameters, as we all have, and you receive the dreaded, “Sorry, I can’t help you with that. Do you want help with something else? Ok, goodbye.” Ugh. And there you go, back to a human agent!

Natural language processing models, from GPT-3 to HuggingFace to FAISS and more have the potential to overcome this linguistic limitation to serve up the exact right information. In addition, NLP-powered bots, when further trained to analyze the intent and sentiment of customers, can fine-tune responses and even kick off automated, intelligent actions. Customers already say they prefer to self-serve; if they can self-serve with a bot that provides a human-like interaction and solves problems in one session, it should level up CX dramatically.

Conversational AI, powered by GPT-3 and others, is the future of CX

Conversational AI and disruptors including ChatGPT are evolving fast. Microsoft’s Bing will be leveraging ChatGPT in search. Google has announced its rival, Bard with some shaky results. Everyone is jumping in, and the power of conversational AI to make their lives easier is becoming evident to the general public. 

Corporations will see massive benefits in their CX delivery too, when they pair these NLP and machine learning engines, GPT-3 and others, with guard rails that allow them to leverage its eye-watering power while ensuring they have control over how it delivers a branded experience. 

OvationCXM’s Conversations - ChatGPT on Steroids

OvationCXM’s Conversational AI is built upon multiple natural processing language models including GPT-3, HuggingFace and others. By leveraging a series of models, use cases can draw from the strengths of each model. 

Conversations module also provides robust intelligent automation, even kicking off tasks, like creating cases, escalating issues to other teams and routing information based on context, intent and even sentiment analysis. Organizations can even build and test new chatbots on the fly with drag-and-drop ease. 

Learn more about how we are leveraging ChatGPT and other large language models in our Conversational AI, Conversations.

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