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OvationCXM Launches New Wave of Generative AI Capabilities in Its CXM Platform

OvationCXM launches generative AI capabilities, infusing it throughout its CXMEngine platform to help companies deliver more dynamic and efficient customer experiences through intelligence and automation. 

Tiburon, CA. - September 28, 2023 - OvationCXM, a global leader in customer experience management (CXM), today announced the next generation of its CXMEngine platform, fully infused with generative artificial intelligence (AI) to give organizations ground-breaking capabilities to personalize customer experiences through unique data and insights and heightened operational efficiencies. 

With this latest advance, cutting-edge generative AI will power data and insights across every module on the CXM platform, including journey orchestration, conversational AI, knowledge delivery and partner ecosystem connections. Although OvationCXM has long leveraged artificial intelligence models in its knowledge and conversational AI solutions, the latest release introduces its first generative AI capabilities that further drive down support costs, increase operational efficiencies and bring data to life faster. 

“Our platform is CX first, powered by AI, not the other way around, “ explained Alan Finlay, head of product for OvationCXM.  “That’s a distinct and important difference because it means we prioritize AI use cases that have the most immediate impact on CX, and we use a variety of AI models, not just one, to drive accuracy and efficiency while ensuring guardrails are in place to keep AI outputs safe and productive. We’re thrilled to bring additional generative AI capabilities to our CXM platform to make teams more effective and improve the customer journey.” 

Comprehensive Customer, Case and Journey Recaps Without Manual Time and Effort

Take what has notoriously been a lengthy manual process and summarize customer information, cases, conversations and journeys in seconds – with the click of a button. 

OvationCXM’s various AI models are trained on unique data inputs from case notes, activities, and customer and internal conversations across multiple channels. In addition, the AI extracts and summarizes ecosystem data from third-partner interactions that occur outside an organization. This invaluable ecosystem data contributes to the comprehensive summarizations that capture a customer’s entire relationship with an organization and how its partners interact with its customers in real-time. Teams are empowered with quick contextual insights into customer and case histories quickly, empowering them to offer more customized interactions and faster resolutions. The newest summarization capabilities automate repetitive processes and take over high-volume, routine tasks to make operations more efficient, give team members time back and augment human capabilities.

Research indicates one of the top customer complaints when seeking support from an organization is the need to repeat information repeatedly.  Another is what customers describe as 1-800-pinball, where they are routed to different departments or outside organizations, with each claiming another team or company is responsible for the solution. Support teams are also affected, with knowledge workers claiming they spend 11.6 hours a week searching for necessary information.

AI-powered Insights into Customer Experiences

OvationCXM’s Summarization capability is embedded into our journey orchestration layer, aggregating customer interaction information across an organization’s ecosystem, including with third parties. This cross-functional, cross-organizational data liquidity solves employee frustrations and fuels suggestions and insights to improve a customer’s journey within the organization. Those quick insights turn into actions that drive churn and attrition down while growing revenue.

“We believe AI is an extraordinarily powerful technology and is transformative to customer experience delivery for both employees and customers,” said Alfred ‘Chip’ Kahn IV, founder and CEO of OvationCXM. “We’ve built the infrastructure to plug this game-changing technology into our platform for years and purpose-built it to host a variety of pre-built connectors to partners and tools organizations use every day. This enables clients to go live on our modules quickly and immediately access the data, insights, and benefits of our AI in CXM. What’s even more exciting is the unique data our platform provides to organizations (that they can’t get anywhere else) because the AI pulls from and analyzes aggregated customer, conversation, case, and customer journey interactions - even those that happen outside the organization with a trusted partner.”  

Discover more about OvationCXM’s newest generative AI capabilities on the CXMEngine platform here

About OvationCXM

OvationCXM is the market-leading AI-infused customer experience management (CXM) provider that helps organizations identify friction in the customer experience. It’s an all-in-one platform to build, manage, and track customer journeys across every digital, internal back-office, and partner ecosystem touchpoint. Clients have significantly decreased customer churn, tripled NPS and eNPS scores, improved partner collaboration, and increased revenue. OvationCXM’s expansive aggregation of operational and experience analytics, generative and conversational AI, and knowledge management adds fuel to customer journeys and deepens the comprehensive view of the customer’s total engagement with organizations and their internal systems and partners throughout the customer journey, so transformation happens in real-time. Customer journeys are complex, but building and managing them doesn’t have to be.

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