Resolve customer queries up to 75% faster with OvationCXM’s AI.

Keep your teams, partners and customers satisfied with the leading solution that combines the power of your unique customer data with the latest in AI to fuel specific insights, deliver tailored knowledge and engage in smarter conversations across end-to-end journeys.

AI-powered insights you can't get anywhere else.

Uncover valuable analytics from your unique data. Take charge of customer and employee outcomes at scale using OvationCXM's intelligent automation, connected journeys, smarter conversations and internal workflows.

Powerful multi-model AI approach

Get the very best that AI has to offer, effort-free. Our underlying engines are built using a host of AI models, including GPT-3.5, GPT-4, PaLM-2, Llama-2, FAISS, and more.

Ultimate data control

Create the security guardrails you need and maintain complete control of your data. We also host a subset of models locally to give you the added data security, privacy and confidence you need with the AI capabilities you want.

Pre-built connectors for a connected CX ecosystem

Extend your technology stack without integration using our marketplace of pre-built, industry-specific connector networks. Enable data permissions, filtering and organizational data segregation according to your needs.

Get started your way

Use CXMEngine as your AI-powered CXM platform or embed our AI engine into your existing AI infrastructure - the choice is yours.

One platform to supercharge your KPIs with AI.

Up to


ROI payback in <3 months

Up to


Reduction in support volumes

Up to


Increase in agent and manager efficiency

Up to


Improvement in NPS and CSAT

Get more done faster and better than ever before with our all-in-one workspace.

Collaborate with your customers, internal teams and external partners in a single unified workspace. Say goodbye to toggling, tool fragmentation, manual inefficiencies, data silos and technical debt.

Learn more about our AI-powered CX Manager

Summarize customer and case information in seconds.

Deliver intelligent AI-generated answers to agents in an instant.

All your tools, cases, conversations, knowledge and journeys, working as one.

Combine customer and internal team workflows to create powerful end-to-end experiences, no code required.

Build and optimize each journey at scale across teams, departments and partners using our drag-and-drop UI, pre-built automations and real-time notifications. Leave no customer or employee experience behind with AI-powered journey insights exactly when you need it.

Learn more about our AI-powered Journeys

Drag-and-drop even the most complex journeys in a matter of minutes.

Give employees and customers a view into the journey, in real-time.

Get powerful insights into your customer journeys, including where they are breaking down and what actions to take.

See customer-partner interactions in your own system and never waste time on follow- ups again.

Never lose sight of customers, even when they are interacting with your trusted partners, thanks to real-time data syncing across organizations. You control the data that’s shared so employees and customers see relevant updates instantly.

Learn more about our AI-powered CX Ecosystem

Share a common view of the customer across multiple organizations.

Kick off automations with partners.

Never lose sight of your customer health.

Resolve most routine support questions with our AI-powered assistants, trained on your business information.

Seamlessly hand off customers and all of the essential background information to a human if questions fall outside typical needs.

Learn more about our AI-powered CX Conversations

Easily embed and deploy Messenger, the digital interface that connects you with your customers in a few clicks.

Use trained virtual assistants to resolve most of your live conversations, intelligently routing to a human or ecosystem partner when needed.

Leverage instant summaries to provide agents, managers and executives with rapid context and customer sentiment.

Give your teams the power of knowledge exactly when they need it.

Offer exactly the right information, predictive support and smart cross-organizational help when your team needs it.

Learn more about our AI-powered CX Knowledge

Automatically generate answers to customer questions from your pre-vetted content.

Deliver contextual knowledge exactly at the right time.

Create and manage dynamic knowledge libraries with robust permissions and branding controls.

Don’t wait to reap the benefits of the only AI-powered CX solution you will ever need.

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