Real World Business

The CXM Impact Report

The OvationCXM Impact Report captures insights from over 4,000 business owners and operators about their customer experience with their financial institution. While overall happy with the experience, when we dove in to the research, there were some significant surprises and areas of friction that may be hidden from organizations that are impacting customer loyalty, organizational profitability and NPS scores.

In this Report you'll discover:

  • How many businesses have sought help from their financial institution and how quickly did they receive responses.
  • What are the two biggest frustrations they have when onboarding a new product or service.
  • How long they'll wait to have an issue resolved before they walk away without using the product/service (not very long!)
  • How many attempts they typically make to get a problem solved.
  • How many will give up after 48 hours (the number is shocking).