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Welcome to CXMSpotlight. This newsletter contains a wealth of CX resources and news from OvationCXM. Did you know?

Did you know?

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The Green Sheet Talks Payments and CX With OvationCXM CEO

When you want advice on orchestrating great CX in a complex industry like payments, you go right to the source -  our founder and CEO Alfred (Chip) Kahn!

The Green Sheet, a premier payments publication, interviewed Chip about creating seamless customer journeys in a fragmented payments world. He shares his thoughts alongside a panel of other CX experts. Read The Green Sheet article.

Article: 20 Ways SMBs Can Use AI for CX

Chip was also asked to share recommendations for small businesses that want to get the most value from AI. You can read his thoughts in this Forbes Technology Council article.

Article: 13 Ways to Transform Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Our head of marketing, Sherri Schwartz, was also featured for her rich experience in go-to-market planning. She shares her take in this Forbes Communications Council featured story.

Did you know?

Source: McKinsey & Company

New Ecosystem Connector

We just launched our newest Ecosystem Connector to ServiceNow.

Our Ecosystem Connectors are a network of pre-built plug-ins that enable companies to share customer experience and operational data back and forth with their service providers and partners in real time.

Everyone involved in fulfilling a part of the customer journey can see shared customers and work together as one team to guide their experience more efficiently.

See our Ecosystem Connectors and our tech integrations that plug into the platforms companies use daily.

What is Customer Journey Analytics?  

The ultimate guide to customer journey analytics

We've created a comprehensive guide on the topic of customer journey analytics. We cover:

  • The importance of analytics in customer journey orchestration.
  • The before and after of a typical financial services journey when leveraging journey analytics to enhance its flow and effectiveness.
  • Eight things to look for in a customer journey analytics platform.
  • And more!

See all of our CX resources in our resource center.

Other resources:
Blog: CXM Technology: Must-Have or Nice-to-Have?
Blog: How to Stop the Telephone Game in Banking Customer Experience

Fintech Meetup Takeaways

Vaneet Grewal, OvationCXM Head of FIs

Our head of FIs, Vaneet Grewal, (pictured) was at Fintech Meetup, along with our Chief Revenue Officer, Glen Kelley, earlier this month. What were the hot topics being discussed?

Here's Vaneet's round-up:
AI - everyone is racing to identify how to effectively deliver AI-infused capabilities with the right safeguards.

BaaS and product diversification - It remains a key competitive area for most financial institutions as they battle for share-of-wallet.

Corporate & SMB Banking and Enterprise Payments - this is a huge focus up and down the banking tiers with an express focus on the right partners and delivery mechanisms.

Generative AI Expo Recap

Alan Finlay speaking at Generative AI Expo

Our head of product, Alan Finlay, presented at the Generative AI Expo about AI's impact on CX. He shared four takeaways from this gathering of AI minds:

1. CX and GenAI tracks were closely related, showing how fast AI is changing the CX game.

2. Consumer chatbots are getting much attention, but builders and consumers of GenAI are more focused on using AI to make existing teams more efficient.

3. Trust and data security were top themes. Enterprises care most about building and maintaining trust in the models and their generated answers.

4. Opinions vary on whether companies should dive head first into GenAI or take a measured approach. However,  everyone agreed - GenAI is here to stay. It will transform industries like the internet, cloud and mobile have.

To hear more from Alan Finlay on AI, check out his Q&A video

Where will OvationCXM Be Next?

Guiseppi (Joey) Marzelli is attending the Bar and Restaurant Expo this week. He'll also be at 2024 ETA Transact, April 17-19.

About Our CX Management Platform

Our AI-infused CXMEngine is an all-in-one CX platform and the only one that connects organizations and their external providers and partners to collaborate and support their shared customers as they move through a customer journey.

Companies can build precise end-to-end branded experiences in minutes, using their rich data and AI to analyze and optimize the experience.  AI-fueled automations, suggestions, in-journey insights and time-saving capabilities like summarizations eliminate manual tasks, dramatically increasing productivity while maintaining customer satisfaction.

The result is reduced support volume and costs and increased customer retention and growth.

See CXMEngine in Action

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