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Introducing Messenger: Influence Customer Journeys with Real-Time Multi-Channel Communication 

If you manage a support team, you know how important it is to respond to customers in the moment using their preferred mode of communication. You also know there is incredible power in solving customer issues as quickly as possible, ideally in as little as one interaction, while accounting for the entire customer journey. Enabling agents to respond intelligently to customers in real time across different communication channels is a challenging feat. Many teams are forced to toggle screens, applications and platforms to understand a customer’s case history, communicate with one another and offer up solutions to specific customer queries. 

At OvationCXM, we tackled this challenge early on by building out our Webchat functionality within CXMEngine’s Communication Panel. Webchat quickly became a powerful tool for our customers, offering a digital interface that better connected them with their clients.

No more toggling screens to find all your customer’s information. 

No more logging into different platforms to understand your customer journey. 

No more waiting for applications to load to simply send a chat.

From Webchat to Messenger

Given the importance of real-time communication and collaboration on influencing customer journey completion, we decided to rebuild Webchat from the ground up to support more than chat-based communications.

And so, we are proud to announce the launch of Messenger, the new and improved version of Webchat. 

Our team worked diligently to re-architect the code base to enable a multi-component digital interface. We can now add new functionality with ease, continuously improve customer context and leverage contextual on-page deep links called Smart Buttons (more on Smart Buttons below). Future iterations will be easier to tweak and the new architecture will allow us to support an expanding number of user needs.

New features and performance enhancements 

With the new Messenger, we’ve added several new features and performance enhancements. 

Through Messenger, customers can now decide which communication channel they most prefer, including chat, email, phone, and more. Messenger also supports browsing or searching articles for faster self service, and submitting forms to capture survey data and feedback from customers. Both users and customers also benefit from the enhanced dynamic resizing capabilities of Messenger in real time.

Finally, we are especially excited to announce Smart Buttons, a powerful new feature that deep links to specific knowledge articles or forms within Messenger right on your screen. With Smart Buttons, businesses can provide customers with the assistance they need using an embeddable help button that provides information to answer questions and resolve problems faster. Doing so offers more contextual experiences across the board 

Other new features and enhancements include:

  • ADA-compliant screens
  • Complete private label branding customization
  • Updated designs
  • Updated core user workflows
  • Copy/Paste from Clipboard
  • Enhanced chat notifications
  • Visible Hours of Operation 
  • Updated messaging protocol 

For the extensive list of new features and updates, check out our product release notes here

The power of Messenger within OvationCXM’s Conversational AI

Our team is excited about the opportunities our updated Messenger framework has given us to support businesses in providing a consistent experience across channels. Messenger gives a digital home to our powerful Virtual Assistants that can directly interact with customers, automatically understand and solve common problems, and escalate interactions when a human is needed. Our Virtual Assistants are natively integrated with Messenger and can be built, deployed, and updated with no-code tools in just a few clicks.

As we develop our CX-enhancing capabilities, we are committed to helping businesses build AI-powered workflows that support the delivery of exceptional service, operational efficiency and employee enablement.

OvationCXM’s Conversations AI is built upon multiple natural processing language models including GPT-3, FAISS, HuggingFace, PyTorch and more. Our use of these models allow us to define, test and work through use cases that draw from the strengths of each model. Within this broader framework, businesses can scale the delivery of information to agents and customers, including kicking off smart automation to create cases, intelligently route queries, and take actions based on an understanding of a customer’s intent and sentiment. We are also in the process of exploring additional use cases around internal enablement with ChatGPT. 

Taken together, these combined efforts will elevate how organizations evolve their digital service to customers. Learn more about our cutting-edge conversational AI work within the context of improving CX here.