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OvationCXM + IBM to Bring Bank Householding and Customer Segmentation to IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z

OvationCXM Collaborates with IBM to Bring Bank Householding and Customer Segmentation to IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z for High-Performance AI Inferencing and Secure Data Serving

IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z offer an infrastructure designed for predictive AI workloads and secure data management

By: Vaneet Grewal, Head of Financial Services; Partnerships at OvationCXM

We are always looking for ways to deliver solutions that help our clients drive new business value. By leveraging IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z, OvationCXM clients can potentially benefit from an infrastructure designed to support many predictive AI workloads, offering the opportunity to drive operational efficiency while reducing the time and effort required to integrate AI into existing workloads.

IBM LinuxONE 4 and IBM Z’s on-chip AI accelerator is engineered for speed and scale, providing a dedicated resource for AI inferencing to enable high levels of throughput. In addition to their high-performance AI capabilities, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z are designed with security at their core. It is engineered to be energy efficient. Moreover, LinuxONE and IBM Z’s built-in security features, such as pervasive encryption and confidential computing environments, ensure that sensitive data remains protected, giving businesses the confidence to innovate and grow in a complex and regulated landscape.

OneView combines the power of OvationCXM’s platform with IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z, to clean and organize complex bank household data. This data is often scattered across different core systems, resulting in a fragmented customer view.

For banks with large, complex information ecosystems, OneView uses AI with oversight by humans to ensure bank household data is properly classified and structured. With this clean data foundation, OneView then unifies data from various sources like CRMs, core systems on LinuxONE and IBM Z and customer interactions to help achieve a true, single view of the customer and their household relationship with a bank; cross-organizational and cross-ecosystem servicing journeys, and real-time customer interaction management in one place. From this unified customer view, banks can then enrich, augment and clean complex customer data into household views for use by various AI models. For Line of Business leaders, this could mean product and segment-specific customer journeys curated with AI intelligence.

As a part of the IBM ecosystem, OvationCXM is committed to helping companies unlock the value of their infrastructure investments by implementing the tools and technologies designed to help them succeed in an AI-driven world. We are excited to collaborate with IBM to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

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