Benefits of Outsourced Field Services Support for In-Store Merchant Technology

In the dynamic world of retail and hospitality, the installation and maintenance of in-store technology are vital to seamless operations and customer experience. OvationCXM, (originally known as Boomtown when founded in 2014), has carved a niche in providing comprehensive customer experience management solutions, particularly through our nationwide field services for in-store merchant technology.

What are the benefits of outsourced field services support for in-store merchant technology?

There are a number of reasons it makes sense to lean into a outsourced field services support team, both financially and from a customer experience perspective.

Uber-like Technology for Field Technicians

At the heart of OvationCXM's operation is our CXMEngine proprietary software platform, which has revolutionized the way field services are dispatched and managed across the United States. This software enables the seamless allocation of jobs to skilled field technicians who are adept at handling an array of technical needs - from low voltage and cabling to intricate network configurations and hardware setups.

Years of Experience with the Best Point-of-Sale Companies

The expertise of OvationCXM technicians is comprehensive. Our team possesses the versatility and technical acumen required to work with a range of systems and configurations, ensuring that whether a merchant is utilizing cutting-edge POS systems like Lightspeed, Toast, and Square or is seeking integration with solutions from Clover, their technology infrastructure is in capable hands.

Onshore Team and W2 Project Managers

A key differentiator for OvationCXM is our employment of W2 project managers based in the United States. This strategic decision underscores our commitment to quality control and accountability, ensuring that each project is meticulously overseen from inception to completion, with a consistent point of contact for clients.

Supporting Top Retail and Restaurant Brands

Collaborating with influential ISVs and renowned brands like Shake Shack, VFCorp, and RevPizza, OvationCXM has not only showcased our ability to work with leading names in the industry but has also demonstrated our capacity for scalability and adaptability in technology implementation.

How to Outsource Customer Service and Support Using OvationCXM

We've been chosen by many groups as one of the best outsourced customer support companies. The thousands of installations completed to date by OvationCXM speak volumes of our experience and reliability. We've established a track record that resonates with efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction. Through our nationwide reach, we offer a unified solution to brands looking for consistent quality and execution in technology services, no matter the location.

As retailers and hospitality providers increasingly look to technology to enhance their operations and customer interactions, the demand for skilled, reliable field service providers is on the rise. OvationCXM's proven model of employing native software to efficiently manage and dispatch their skilled technicians positions them as a leader in this space, promising a future where in-store technology services are delivered with expertise, speed, and a customer-centric approach.

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