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Journeys Latest Release Brings Drag-and-Drop Ease to Journeys Orchestration

Everyone recognizes customer experience is a key differentiator but few have found a proven roadmap to transform it with the tools they have. Stepping into that gap, OvationCXM has launched its latest turbocharged version of Journeys, a drag-and-drop journey orchestration tool that makes it fast and super simple for anyone in a company to design, tweak, track and analyze customer journeys across complex ecosystems in real time.

In a highly competitive business landscape, customer experience is a crucial differentiator. However, creating and providing personalized experiences that are consistent across all touchpoints is a major obstacle for businesses of all sizes. Lack of access to shared customer data across the business and partner ecosystem coupled with silos around data, processes and teams is a daily reality - one that leaves journey orchestration, tracking and analysis disjointed and incomplete. As a result, even if customers have an exceptional experience with one department, they may feel disappointed with the overall experience when their journey involves other teams, departments, and third-party providers.

That's where OvationCXM’s newly enhanced journey orchestration solution comes in.

Journeys: Changing the way you create and deliver standout customer journeys

OvationCXM’s latest Journeys release takes our already powerful journey orchestration product to the next level. With Journeys, businesses can gain deep insights into a customer’s products and services across their journey, including where they currently sit with third- party providers and the next steps required to move them to completion. Until OvationCXM launched its inaugural Journeys product, this comprehensive view remained largely elusive for organizations across industry sectors. 

  • No-code journey building at scale
  • Granular control over both customer and internal team journeys 
  • Robust toolbox of journey tools: orchestration, tasks and automation and detailed dashboards and analytics including journey health 

Our enhanced Journeys release is the result of ongoing research and development by OvationCXM’s team of experts across product, technology and customer success. The latest release combines journey no-code building at scale, versioning, live adjustments, real-time analysis, testing and end-to-end orchestration into a single workflow. Additionally, OvationCXM’s Journeys stands out as the only platform today that offers businesses granular control over both the customer experience and the internal employee experience at the same time. This unique capability empowers customers with complete transparency into their journeys, resulting in decreased support calls and overall churn. We’ve organized our new solution around five key inter-related tools.

Five Tools in Journeys

  • Builder: Journey Builder is our drag-and-drop visual interface that allows team admins to map out end-to-end customer journeys, including all relevant stages, steps and activities directly within our no-code platform. 
  • Activities: Journey Activities is our growing roster of automated activities to better organize customer journeys from end to end, including automated email notifications, task assignments, and more. We are adding new activities every month such as document signing and management, and other third-party connectors of relevance. 
  • Insights: OvationCXM’s CXMEngineⓇ  platform offers powerful real-time Reports & Dashboards, including powerful journey-specific analytics that help businesses analyze customer data in real-time to identify patterns and insights. With these insights, companies can easily measure and report on the impact of their journey orchestration efforts in real time, including identifying points of frustration and friction that can be continuously improved over time.
  • Manager: Journey Manager provides for a 10,000 foot view of all your customer journeys, including how many customers are in each journey; what stages they may be stuck in, and for how long. Managers and team leaders can take actions to keep customers moving through their journeys while managing exceptions as needed.
  • Health: Journey Health is our forthcoming and proprietary score that will help businesses better understand the health of their journeys, including whether current journeys are successful and if they can be improved. 

Drive business outcomes with Journeys

Our customers are streamlining their operations and achieving significant business outcomes with Journeys, including lowering support costs by at least 25% and tripling customer satisfaction scores, quickly. Our latest product enhancements will be especially useful as businesses look towards customer experience transformation and cost transformation in challenging economic times. 

Stay tuned for as we explore Journeys in more detail. To see OvationCXM’s Journeys in action, sign up for our on-demand demo walkthrough with our Head of Product, Alan Finlay.