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OvationCXM is leveling up its journey orchestration capabilities with the next generation of our Journeys module.

With OvationCXM’s Journeys, businesses can build standout customer journeys across their business and partner ecosystems in a matter of minutes. Teams can map out journeys directly in our platform, implement live updates, assign tasks internally and across third party providers, trigger automated actions, manage exceptions, connect to commonly-used applications and leverage real-time insights to understand what’s working and what isn’t - all within a single, powerful interface.

We’ve put together this on-demand demo walkthrough to showcase the power of OvationCXM’s Journeys.  In it, you’ll see:

A Demo of OvationCXM's Journeys

How organizations across industries can use Journeys to transform their CX

Our roadmap for Journeys in 2023 and beyond

Plus, you’ll hear why Alan Finlay, OvationCXM’s Head of Product, is so excited about the updates to our pioneering journey orchestration capabilities. Watch today to see the power of OvationCXM’s Journeys for yourself.

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