Spotlight: OvationCXM's API Libraries and Embedded Apps

We're thrilled to announce the latest in our comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower your teams and elevate your customer experience strategies. This exciting update to OvationCXM includes: 

  • Robust API Libraries: Build a unified library for seamless access and control of all your external services.
  • Journey-Related API Activities: Connect your journeys to external APIs to trigger actions in other systems based on journey progress, or pull in customer data to personalize the journey experience.
  • Embedded Apps: Integrate data from external applications directly into CXMEngine for secure visibility into relevant data.

These features empower a truly holistic approach to customer experience management, fostering organizational collaboration across internal teams and departments, as well as external partners across expanding business ecosystems. 

Streamlining Collaboration, Communication, and Connected Experiences

Today's customer journeys span multiple touchpoints and platforms, including those of your external partners and service providers. Data is siloed in and across different systems providing an incomplete view of the customer. This fragmented customer view then impacts the ability to deliver a true end-to-end experience that serves your customers. OvationCXM's new features bridge these silos, fostering a unified view of your customer and empowering informed decision-making at every stage. 

OvationCXM's API Libraries allow you to connect with virtually any third-party API, unlocking a universe of data sources and functionalities to tailor your customer journeys with unmatched precision. As long as the external API adheres to standard protocols, it can be seamlessly integrated with CXMEngine using Embedded Apps. This opens a world of possibilities for enriching your customer experience strategy with best-in-class applications and data sources.

Furthermore, this toolkit allows your business to access sensitive data through secure APIs without storing it within CXMEngine. This minimizes the risk of data breaches, supports regulatory compliance and provides peace of mind when handling sensitive customer information. 

The benefits extend beyond internal teams. This new toolkit facilitates seamless collaboration with external partners including the ability to update customer details in a partner platform, trigger email campaigns in their system, or push data for further analysis – all without ever leaving our UI. Taken together, it provides a collaborative environment that delivers a truly cohesive customer experience.

Key Use Cases

Use Case 1: Connect to and with any third-party API

API libraries act as the bridge between CXMEngine, OvationCXM’s pioneering platform, and a vast ecosystem of third-party applications. These libraries enable secure connections to CRM systems, survey tools, analytics platforms, and more. This empowers you to streamline tasks like customer feedback collection, analyze vast amounts of data, and craft personalized engagement strategies. By seamlessly exchanging data with relevant tools, you can optimize every touchpoint within the customer journey.

Use Case 2: Securely View Select Customer Data

Imagine retrieving a customer's banking information directly within CX Manager. API libraries allow you to do just that. By securely connecting to an external bank API, you can display this crucial data alongside other case details. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, providing your team with a comprehensive view of the customer's situation. This holistic perspective empowers informed decision-making, allowing you to resolve issues faster and deliver exceptional customer service.

Use Case 3: Leverage Document Links For Improved Context

In-app document links allow team members to access relevant documents without altering the original case record. This ensures a clean and streamlined case history while providing easy access to supplementary information that can help progress the customer journey.

Use Case 4: Streamlined Actions and Automation 

Journey activities go beyond simple access. They unlock powerful automation capabilities. Imagine updating a customer record in a partner platform, pushing data to a third-party system, or triggering an email campaign – all directly within CX Manager. This eliminates the need to log into multiple platforms, streamlining workflows and boosting team efficiency. By automating these actions, you can free up valuable time for your team to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

OvationCXM’s API Libraries and Embedded Apps in Action

Now, let’s see how this all works together in reality.

Imagine Sarah, a merchant customer, calling her bank. Frustrated, she explains a delay in receiving a product after using her business credit card for the purchase. David, the support agent, empathizes with Sarah's situation but lacks a unified view of the information he needs – the purchase details reside in a separate merchant portal, while Sarah's account information is within the bank's system. Toggling between screens and platforms, David struggles to find and streamline the information needed to help Sarah. Sara is appreciative of David’s efforts but he is unable to provide her with the information she needs during this interaction. 

Fast forward to a world empowered by CXMEngine.

David receives Sarah's call, which is automatically recognized and routed as a merchant-related query. Through secure API libraries CXMEngine connects to the merchant portal in the background. With a few clicks, David retrieves Sarah's purchase information directly within CX Manager. He can now see the order details alongside Sarah's account information. Using the in-document links, David can access the merchant's shipping policy and can confidently explain the potential cause of the delay and offer solutions, like initiating communication with the merchant. 

The end result? David is able to give Sarah the information she needs, providing efficient and exceptional service in as little as one interaction.