Product Updates

Powering up Customer Journeys and Connected Ecosystems with AI: A 2023 Product Recap

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re taking stock of the incredible journey this past year has been for OvationCXM. 

Despite a number of industry challenges, our product team continued their commitment to innovation, including a pivotal focus on infusing artificial intelligence across CXMEngine, our pioneering customer experience management (CXM) platform, while enhancing our key features and capabilities around end-to-end journey orchestration and business ecosystem connection. 

AI and the Power of Unified Data in Improving CX

The excitement around ChatGPT, which came at the tail end of 2022, was a game changer in propelling conversations about AI-powered automation and efficiency across every industry. 

Although OvationCXM has been building AI into our CXM platform for many years, we reviewed and amended our product roadmap at the start of the year to accelerate our AI-powered capabilities to leverage generative AI in the tools we provide to take customers’ business growth to the next level. This year, we launched additional generative AI capabilities across our platform.

Our AI-related product advancements this year include: 

  • Model Training: Training various AI models on unique data inputs from case notes, activities, customer conversations, and internal conversations across multiple channels. 
  • Data extraction and summarization: Using AI to extract and summarize ecosystem data from third-partner interactions that occur outside an organization, thereby helping to capture a customer’s entire relationship with an organization in real-time.
  • Real-time contextual insights: Teams are empowered with quick contextual insights into customer and case histories to improve the quality of interactions and provide faster resolutions. 
  • Powerful Conversational AI: Customers can build and use trained virtual assistants to resolve most of their live conversations, intelligently routing to a human or ecosystem partner when needed.
  • AI-powered Knowledge: Our latest enhancements include knowledge delivery to agents exactly when they need it.

Our primary emphasis remains on prioritizing AI use cases that deliver the most immediate impact on customer experience while implementing safeguards to ensure the safety and productivity of AI outputs. 

We will continue expanding our multi-model AI approach, model orchestration and model optimization so that our clients can reap the benefits of generative AI capabilities as they rapidly evolve. 

OvationCXM Recognized in FinTech Global’s 2023 AIFintech100 List

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. 

OvationCXM was named to FinTech Global’s 2023 AIFintech100 list for our use of AI across CXMEngine, reflecting our leadership in creating streamlined, end-to-end customer journeys with full visibility into every touchpoint across customers, internal teams and third-party ecosystem providers. Fintech Global’s annual AIFintech100 list showcases the 100 most innovative solutions providers making significant contributions to developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. We’re proud to be harnessing the potential of AI to push the CX industry forward!

On-demand Webinar: OvationCXM's AI Capabilities

This is a preview of our on-demand webinar detailing our newest AI capabilities, presented by our Head of Product Alan Finlay and Director of Product Marketing, Noushin Khushrushahi. See how we are using AI in our platform to transform CX management.

The full webinar can be viewed here.

End-to-End Customer Journey Building - With Drag and Drop Ease

This year, we launched our latest enhancements to our Journeys module. Recognizing the pivotal role of CX as a key differentiator in today's competitive business landscape, OvationCXM introduces a turbocharged journey orchestration suite of tools that empowers users across all levels of a company.

Our updated drag-and-drop interface, which facilitates the design, adjustment, tracking, and analysis of customer journeys in real-time, is helping our customers orchestrate end-to-end journeys in a seamless workflow. Additionally, OvationCXM’s Journeys stands out as the sole platform offering granular control over both customer and internal employee experiences simultaneously—an unprecedented capability that fosters transparency, reduces support calls, and minimizes overall churn. 

Real-time Insights Using Powerful Customer Journey Analytics

This year, OvationCXM launched powerful Journey Analytics capabilities to help businesses get a strong understanding of how customers are navigating through defined journeys. Businesses can connect event-based, time-series data for a single journey from multiple sources across multiple systems instantaneously. In this way, businesses can see how many journeys they currently have running, journey trends and potential areas of churn risk.

Real-time customer journey timeline and customer  journey orchestration to reduce churn risk

Moving into 2024, our product team will continue to build out key tools related to Journeys,  including API Activities, conditional logic, Form Activities, Journey Health, and much more!

Connecting the Ecosystem for Shared Customer Visibility

We continue to rapidly expand our ecosystem connector network to help our customers quickly connect to their partner systems and collaborate in real-time. 

OvationCXM’s pioneering ecosystem capabilities gives teams continuous visibility of customers, even during interactions with trusted partners, through real-time data synchronization across organizations. Our pre-built connectors give organizations complete control of their shared data, allowing teams to see customer and case information they need in real-time regardless of where they are in their journey. 

OvationCXM expanded its library of pre-built connectors to really elevate the financial services ecosystem, including connectors for MerchantE, RevSpring, Stax and XUP. 

For 2024, our product team will continue to build out connectors of importance across different industry and business ecosystems in order to offer all our customers and partners the power that comes with shared customer visibility. 

As we move into 2024, OvationCXM remains committed and focused on product innovation with the goal of helping businesses renew their focus on CX through improved operational efficiency, automations and powerful analytics. Stay tuned with our latest updates through our monthly newsletter and LinkedIn