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Product Spotlight: Journeys

Meet the new Journey Builder

When you think of a customer journey mapping session, you likely envision a group of people sitting around a whiteboard and engaged in intense discussion. They collectively review data gathered through months of research, with each person using a plethora of sticky notes to illustrate customer pain points across different touchpoints and interactions with their business. 

Once this discussion is concluded, one or more people from this group is responsible for summarizing the discussion and the visual on the whiteboard; sending out a version of visualized customer journey map around by email to different groups of people for review before collating the feedback as many times as needed to finalize the document. The document is then sent to the IT team to either code in or build the journey for support and success teams to use, often using existing tools and technology like CRM systems to build out a journey-based flow. These teams must then measure and track customer feedback and satisfaction, which will eventually serve as sources of data to feed into the next customer journey mapping session. 

On the face of it, this scenario seems par for the course. But what if you start to tease out some of the challenges we accept as typical and necessary. 

What if you could:

  • Use real-time data to inform your journey mapping versus (potentially outdated) data gathered after months of research?
  • Capture agreed-upon stages and steps for both customers and internal teams directly into your technology platform, all within one workspace?
  • Collaborate with team members instantaneously to make tweaks to both draft and live journeys?
  • Clone journeys with a few clicks and amend them for different customer segments?
  • Publish comprehensive journeys in a matter of minutes?

We just moved all of these elements and moved them from “art of the possible” to here and now. Meet OvationCXM’s newest feature of our Journey’s module - Journey Builder. It’s our no-code, drag-and-drop journey orchestration builder that’s unlike any other. 

Construct comprehensive journeys without code

Building on our previous capability to orchestrate journeys from end to end, the new Journey Builder allows users to create journeys in minutes. With Journey Builder, you can now:

  • Break down journeys into a three-tier hierarchy, including stages, steps and activities;
  • Drag and drop different elements for each stage, step and activity - no code, IT intervention or specialized training required; 
  • Save journeys in draft form, leverage versioning with a complete audit trail for when changes were made and by who, and export journeys to PDF with the click of a button; and
  • Publish cohesive customer journeys in a matter of minutes.

Separate Customers and Teams

Unlike any other journey orchestration technology today, Journey Builder allows you to distinguish between the steps and activities customers and internal teams must take within a single user interface. 

  • Map out the different steps customers and internal teams must take without having to toggle screens or log into another tool; and
  • Provide just-right visibility to customers without having to create a separate workflow for internal teams handling back office functions.

Connect your partners to the journey

With Journeys, businesses can see exactly where a customer is in their journey with third-party providers, as well as the next steps required to move them to completion. Until OvationCXM launched its inaugural Journeys product, this comprehensive view remained largely elusive for organizations across industry.

  • Level up your Journeys experience with OvationCXM’s Ecosystem module to connect third-party providers to your customer journeys;
  • Assign tasks to partner teams and create cases automatically in their CRMs for easy collaboration; and
  • See exactly where a customer is on their journey through shared customer data visibility across connected partner ecosystems.

Draft journeys and collaborate in real-time 

Our Journeys solution was always cutting-edge, but with a few enhancements, we’ve made it even more powerful:

  • Create and save drafts of new journeys directly within the platform;
  • See exactly when journeys were last updated, including accessing version history;
  • Provide access and visibility to collaborators to help fine-tune journey buildouts directly within the platform; and
  • Publish, unpublish, archive and delete journeys that are no longer relevant.

Assign tasks and trigger automations across the board

At the heart of every journey progression is the people taking action to help move it along. 

  • Assign single tasks to specific users within specific teams, including partner teams through our growing roster of Ecosystem connectors;
  • Define and trigger automations based on predefined actions; 
  • Assign task due dates and trigger notifications so that nothing falls through the cracks; and
  • Create task templates to reduce manual effort and easily scale.

Bring all your tools together

We know how important it is to ensure that your team has all the tools and technology they use throughout the day easily accessible within their workspace. We are growing our existing Tech Connector database so that all your journey activities are seamlessly connected, including:

  • Syncing with your CRM of preference, be it Salesforce, Dynamics, HubSpot and more;
  • Connecting to your communications channels across email, chat, SMS and telephony systems; and
  • Leveraging our Zapier integration to connect into thousands of commonly used apps with ease.

Ready to see how Journey Builder works? Watch our on-demand demo with our Head of Product, Alan Finlay, to see it in action.