Stay connected to all your trusted partners in one place.

Deliver unified customer experiences by connecting your third parties, internal tools and teams.

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Never waste time on follow-ups again.

Never lose sight of customers, even when they are interacting with your trusted partners, thanks to real-time data syncing across organizations. You control the data that’s shared so employees and customers see relevant updates instantly.

Share a common view of the customer across multiple organizations.

See customers no matter where they are in their journey, enabling more effective cross-organizational collaboration and superior KPIs through a common view of shared customer data.

Kick off automations with partners using pre-built connectors.

Automate tasks, triggers and cases across trusted partners. Use secure, pre-built connectors to quickly connect into your partner systems and collaborate in real-time.

Never lose sight of your customer’s health.

Understand how well your customer interactions are performing across different touchpoints. Proactively identify potential churn and at-risk customers and develop retention strategies that foster loyalty and drive growth.

Boost interoperability with secure enterprise-grade capabilities.

Maintain control of your data while tapping into a proprietary model that allows multiple organizations to support the same customer.

See a full list of our internal and ecosystem connectors.

Orchestrate unlimited customer experience journeys to maximize productivity.

Create dynamic, accessible and intelligent customer journeys at scale with our comprehensive set of low-to-no code tools.

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Manage all your customer interactions as they happen, in one place.

Aggregate and consolidate your customer interactions across your ecosystems to solve service frustrations in the moment.

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“I liked how easy it was to hook into other data sources (Salesforce)... I'm impressed by how many relevant, useful integrations there are available.”

— Jeff K.

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