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Boomtown & RingCentral Integration goes Live!

Boomtown & RingCentral - Coming to a screen near you!

Boomtown is excited to announce that our latest integration with RingCentral is now live! This development signals Boomtown’s further expansion into the world of omnichannel communications and support, now making Boomtown's functionality available to any teams using the RingCentral Platform.

Here’s what to look out for with the new integration:

  • Team-specific call routing
  • Automatic case creation in the Boomtown platform through interactions on RingCentral
  • Pushing a case to an agent’s screen when they answer a call
  • The ability to cancel abandoned cases

What does this mean for current users of the Boomtown Platform?

Team-specific call routing

This functionality will allow users of the RingCentral app to manage calls with Boomtown, with the capability of routing calls to specific teams. So whether they’re in implementations/success or support, you’ll be able to interact in-app as you’re troubleshooting an issue.

Automatic case creation

This gives users the ability to automatically generate cases that get pushed to Boomtown platform based on their interactions within RingCentral. Given the context issue being addressed on the call, the case will be informed by that context, and escalated and handled accordingly.

Pushing a case to an agent’s screen

This feature gives users the ability to push Boomtown platform cases directly onto the screen of a relevant team member at the outset of, and during, the RingCentral call. This ensures that the team member or agent handling the case, especially if the case had originated prior to the call, has the full context of that case available to them.

Ability to cancel abandoned cases

This also allows users of the platforms to cancel abandoned cases in the call. This provides for greater efficiency in queue management.

How will this impact your team?

The synergy between the RingCentral and Boomtown platforms means that omnichannel support communications are even more personalized than before. It will allow agents and team members to interact cohesively, to really get to the bottom of any issue or case that has arisen. It is adaptable across situations, and its features provide usability and flexibility for proper queue management. That means less downtime, and greater team efficiency, and happier customers.

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