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Boomtown Release Notes: May 2021

The next release is on 5/20/21 at 9pm PST

This sprint we added new features across Bots, Knowledge, and Communications as well enhancing performance and stability throughout the platform. Here’s what’s going live next Thursday:

Virtual Assistant (Beta)

We are excited to introduce our brand new Virtual Assistant (“VA”) with this release. This is the culmination of many months of work and will ultimately replace all the various bot types that we have today (Concierge, FAQ, Scheduling, etc.). This will be your one bot to rule them all.

The Virtual Assistant is easier to build and maintain, more conversational, and has more functionality than our previous bots. Your teams will enjoy building it and your customers will love the experience. 

We will set up individual sessions and provide you with documentation about how to build new Virtual Assistants, but in the meantime, here is a preview of what’s coming.

Building Experience

We completely overhauled the building experience and have made it faster and more intuitive to build, update, and maintain your Virtual Assistant. Our goal was to make the building accessible to everyone. We replaced lists with a drag-and-drop interface and reorganized how we capture and display data, making it easier to design and follow conversation flows.

Flows & Conversation Nodes

We reorganized all of our bot topics into what we call, “Flows”. Flows are micro conversations that are related to a single topic. Flows make it easy to build and track what your VA knows. They also allow customers to easily navigate between topics and return to previous parts of the conversation seamlessly.

We summarized all of our bot functionality into six core “Nodes.” Nodes are the building blocks of your VA and they allow you to quickly construct robust and dynamic conversations as well as trigger actions both inside and outside of the platform. A builder can drag and drop a node onto the canvas, connect it to another node with a click and have a conversation flow ready to go. It’s that easy.

Q&A Pairs

Generally organizations have a list of common FAQs that they get asked over and over. Your new VA has a dedicated place to quickly capture these questions and answers and can deliver them to your customers at any time. This makes it easy to add new knowledge to your VA.


We built the VA with machine learning at its core. Your VA can better understand your customer’s intent when they ask questions and route them to the proper Flow, Node, or Q&A Pair based on what they asked. The more your customers use your VA, the better it will get at delivering the right answers.

Knowledge Templates

This release we are introducing Content Templates for Knowledge Articles. Content Templates allow teams to create and save common Article frameworks (content + settings) to use as a base when creating new Articles. This allows you to quickly populate a new Article with the right settings, access controls, and content layout with a single click.

For users that have the correct permission, there is a new Templates button in the top navigation of the Knowledge workspace:

From here you can create new Templates and edit existing Templates:

When you create a new Article, you will be able to select from your existing list of saved Templates or create a blank Article:

We also made a number of additional small enhancements to Knowledge:

  • Added a “Last Published” and “Last Edited” Date fields on Knowledge Reports
  • Fixed an issue with sorting Knowledge Articles by Highest Rated
  • Added scroll bars when a user zoom in on the Article editor
  • Added a scroll bar in Articles so the Comment button doesn’t get cut off when you have a long list of Related Articles or Comments
  • Fixed search queries not appearing on KB Activity report
  • Fixed display of emoticons on published Articles
  • Fixed an issue preventing videos from autoplaying on Articles when ‘Autoplay’ is turned on
  • Fixed some bugs related to creating and editing Tabs in Articles
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from decreasing the indent of text after it has been increased
  • Updated the ability to download an Article to PDF when there are embedded videos
  • Updated the bullet styling to match between the Article edit and view states
  • Fixed a bug where the Lower Greek style ordered lists didn’t work
  • Fixed a bug where increasing the indent of text added dots above the text

Communication Templates

We are releasing an update to our email Communication Templates for automated emails sent from Boomtown. 

The update includes a simplified design to enable faster and easier updates to your automated communications. We added a new WYSIWYG editor and provided a larger layout for streamlined editing.

We also added the ability to create ad-hoc templates that you will be able to trigger with the Automation Engine that is coming with the next release.

WebChat and SDK Updates

Forms can now create cases automatically when submitted from the SDK. We also made a handful of of updates to the configurators to streamline new integration setup:

  • Updated which fields are required
  • Added an option to customize the button text for Forms on the WebChat home screen
  • Updated logic to set Owner and Sponsor Teams on the configurators

Mobile SDK Updates

  • Enhanced site history module - added search, updated interactions
  • Updated Knowledge sub-labels design to more accurately follow the content hierarchy 
  • Fixed a chat issue where files were getting get cut off from the UI
  • Updated screen sharing on Android to prevent crashes on some OS version

Extended Webhook Integration to Forms

Teams can now set up a webhook integration to listen for Form submissions to easily capture data or trigger actions in third party systems with the data submitted from Forms. This could be used for automatically submitting hardware return requests, activating Accounts in 3rd party systems and much more.

Performance & Stability

We continued to focus on optimizing the performance of our platform. This sprint we focused on three main areas: 1) API response time 2) search response time 3) Communications. We made significant progress to reduce the load times and reduce timeouts across the system from everyday use. We also are releasing a major update to enhance our email, chat, and SMS messaging performance and will continue to improve this in the coming weeks.

Core Updates & Bugs

  • We optimized the loading process for our Case screen to reduce load times
  • Made a number of small design enhancements to public web Forms (e.g. Customer Surveys)
  • Updated our WebChat icon CSS to improve styling consistency across sites
  • Fixed icon orientation in sub menus in Settings
  • Configuring a Salesforce integration now automatically creates the required custom fields
  • Updated Salesforce integration authentication to refresh tokens less frequently
  • Fixed an issue where emailing a closed case that matched on subject didn’t reopen the Case
  • Enhanced our ecosystem functionality to more easily share custom fields and layouts across organizations
  • Fixed a bug where LastPass Chrome extension was causing a Case to move to Waiting after editing a Case
  • Updated the export file from Case lists to include the latest Case Status
  • Fixed an error with Journey Stage progression on a Case
  • Updated the Add Journey picklist to be alphabetical
  • Changed the “Tech Rating” field to “Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rating”
  • Updated CSAT Ratings to be able to be set from Survey submissions 
  • Added pagination to Kanban View when there are more than 25 Cases in a Stage
  • Fixed inaccurate Case counts on the Customer panel in the Case view
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from creating Folders in Reports
  • Fixed a bug causing our Toolbox Field Service app to crash
  • Disabled the Conversation panel composer for users without Case Edit permissions
  • Updated Product search capabilities on a Case
  • Fixed a bug where pasting content into an email composer from Microsoft Office programs resulted in endless loading

As always, if you have any questions please email us at product@goboomtown.com

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