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Never Lose Inventory Again with Refrigeration Monitoring

Refrigeration Monitoring Saves Time and Money

One of the greatest ongoing expenses for any restaurant is the food. Losing your food supply just once due to a broken refrigerator or freezer could be the difference between a profitable quarter, and one in the red.Those new to the industry may not have experienced a loss of inventory due to a broken refrigerator yet, but those who have can attest to how painful such an experience can be. Plugs become loose, breakers trip, and doors are inadvertently left open. Fortunately, with automatic temperature monitoring alarms, such occasions are preventable and easily fixed. And as long as you know they have occurred, nothing is lost.With our comprehensive refrigeration monitoring solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor your refrigerators and freezers 24 hours a day without ever writing anything down
  • Record temperatures every 15 minutes to downloadable compliance approved logs
  • Receive alerts on your phone wherever you are if temperatures go outside a set range or if the power goes off

The food service industry has many complex and strict environmental control processes for temperature, humidity, and other conditions. A fully automated monitoring system helps restaurants ensure quality control and regulatory compliance, and can be used in refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins, grab & go coolers and more.

Measurable ROI

With our wireless sensor solution you’ll know immediately if a problem occurs with any of your refrigerators or freezers. With one prevention, you immediately realize a return on investment.  What are the odds a freezer or refrigerator fails on you while no one is present?  What will it cost you to replace that entire inventory when it happens?  What is the opportunity cost missed in the hours you’re closed, cleaning up the mess and replacing inventory? These are questions every restaurant or café owner considers, each of which can be easily prevented with the right technology solution.

Low Cost & Simple Installation

Boomtown makes Temperature@lert available for a low monthly payment with no upfront hardware costs. The technology runs on cellular data so you never lose data due to a lack of internet connection. And best of all, the hardware is completely plug and play. Put a sensor in each refrigerator or freezer and data immediately begins to transmit to your online data storage portal. You can pull down the data whenever you need it for compliance purposes.Boomtown makes it easy to get started. You can learn more here.

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