The only source you need for AI-powered customer experiences.

Deliver superior customer experiences with the only CXM platform that combines AI-powered Journeys, Knowledge, Conversations, and Ecosystem connections into one customer experience solution.

We blow away other CX platforms.
Better data, faster with AI

We’ve infused generative AI across the platform so you get the most out of your unique data – giving you insights, summarizations and suggestions you’ve been missing for fast CX action.

Go beyond siloed journeys

You only need one platform, whether you are building marketing, onboarding, sales and support journeys. Everyone who delivers part of the customer experience gets a seat at the table.

Shatter third-party silos

Connect your third-party ecosystem partners to the customer journey and share information back and forth in real-time. Unite all interactions and data in one place.

Start with the module best for you

Begin your CX transformation with the module(s) that conquer your top priorities. Want Conversational AI? Want to build journeys and connect to your partners? You choose!

Customers expect
seamless experiences, not chaotic ones.

The #1 frustration of customers? Too many people and organizations involved. CXMEngine® eliminates the chaos.

One platform. Maximum CX.

We've got your AI + CX covered.


Connect every interaction your customer has with your company and trusted partners into a single unified experience. Put journey building in the hands of those who know the customer best - your business line. Improve every journey in real-time with AI-powered suggestions and analytics.

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Connect and see every interaction, both inside and outside the organization, for a 360-degree of the customer journey and AI-powered predictions on customer health.

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Build and deploy conversational AI chatbots in days. Solve customer issues fast and reduce inbound volume by providing safe and accurate answers trained solely on your brand.

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Create and manage a resource library and leverage AI for right place, right time delivery to both employees and customers.

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Journey Mapping

Collaborate with our in-house experts to create detailed journey maps, including touchpoints, systems and people, to uncover opportunities and reduce friction.

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It’s time to power positive business outcomes and drive revenue growth.

Fast Time-to-Revenue


Lift in revenue growth

Lower Support Costs


Reduction in operating expenses

Wallet Growth


Increase in product penetration

Happier Customers


Increase in NPS scores

Improved Efficiency


Time saved on manual summarization

Cost Savings


Reduction in cost per case summarization

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it.

Teams of all sizes across all industries use OvationCXM to optimize their customer experiences in the moment.

“We receive fast and reliable customer service for our merchants. The staff is very knowledgeable, the software is easy to use, and the staff works quickly to resolve our merchants' issues allowing us to expand faster without worrying about the overhead of customer support.”

Drew Sementa

CEO, Tidal Commerce

"The new OvationCXM partnership allows KeyBank to provide small businesses with a superior overall experience in conjunction with a best-in-class merchant processing solution."

Jon Briggs

Head of Commercial Product & Innovation, KeyBank

"Journeys has made a world of difference in our productivity. In terms of managing the team, who owns what, etc. It has completely taken [our leader] out of the queue unless someone is off for the day, which is where she needed to be as manager of the department."

Jeannine D.

OvationCXM Customer

We’re the global leader in CXM.

Born as a services business dedicated to supporting field agents in managing customer interactions, OvationCXM pivoted to crafting software to help businesses grappling with fragmented tools and interactions - because we experienced it too!

OvationCXM has since rapidly evolved into a trailblazing force in customer experience management. Our powerful CXM platform is a one-stop solution that unites data, interactions and insights to deliver real-time intelligent CX that improves your bottom line.

Ready to see how OvationCXM can unlock immediate benefits across your teams?

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

How does OvationCXM optimize business outcomes and customer experience?

Our clients have experienced incredible results in three key areas:
1) more streamlined customer experiences through a single “front door” provided by CXMEngine;
2) improved business performance as a result of drastically improved operations;
3) robust service governance and visibility through the orchestration and control of customer journeys across teams, organizations, products and companies in your ecosystem. Learn more about our customers’ incredible results at

I already have CRM and/or ticketing software. Do I need CXM?

Our platform, CXMEngine, is powerful because it aggregates customer information currently siloed in these systems and others so you can extract more value from what you already have. CXMEngine offers a unified view of a customer’s journey throughout departments and teams inside the organization and partner systems in its ecosystem, in real time. On a single screen, your teams can view your customer’s progress and next steps, whether they take place inside your company or with third-party partners. Expanded visibility empowers your teams to collaborate and communicate in one place and share journey status and next steps with customers, too.

How long will it take us to get up and running?

You can get started, with our out-of-the-box features and functionality, in as little as 90 days.

What does CXMEngine cost?

Our CXMEngine modules are not tied to a single user, team, department or organization. We do not charge per seat, per user either.  We work with you to understand your business needs and budget and then recommend a package that will drive CXM improvements and rapid ROI. You can learn more about our packages and modules at

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