Are you customer journeys broken and in need of emergency treatment?

Your healthcare ecosystem is complex, with many providers, payers, patients, technology companies, legacy systems and internal and external teams. Bring them together into a single view to optimize your customers' experiences

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Is your ecosystem creating more chaos, leading to fractured customer care?

CXMEngine is the first CX platform to fix broken journeys in the most critical moments - before customers become frustrated and leave. Aggregate your customer interactions in one space to take control of your customer experience.

Activate Customers
Proactively find and resolve obstacles

Communicate cross-channel from a single screen

Accelerate contract-to-revenue cycle

Build workflows to streamline service and support.

See where customers are in their progress and step in to guide them to next-steps in the sales, activation or servicing process.

Remove roadblocks and trigger nudges and assistance to overcome obstacles slowing them down.

Tap into tools that empower communication, collaboration and knowledge

Communicate with customers faster, seamlessly solve concerns and create positive outcomes by expanding visibility, collaboration and communication between all of your stakeholders.

Knock down silos between ecosystem partners and your organization and see the entire interaction history of your customer in a single screen, without multiple logins or toggling.

Communicate across multiple channels - SMS, chat, email, phone without leaving CXMEngine.

Take back the relationship, even as your partner network grows, by managing the whole experience, end-to-end with CXMEngine's powerful tools.

Augment with remote & field support

Maximize the time and cost savings of optimizing your customer journeys with CXMEngine by leveraging our remote and field support teams, when needed.

Our on-demand technology experts can be an extension of your internal support team, or we can step in and take it off your plate entirely.

“Activating and supporting new customers has never been this easy. We have active and happy customers with just a few clicks.”

Brian Kamstra

“Boomtown has been critical in helping us scale up our support efforts while providing the best customer experience. we can get our customers started faster on talech.”

Shelley Chen
Head of Operations

“Boomtown allows us to expand faster without worrying about the overhead of customer support.”

Drew Sementa

“Boomtown gives us the ability to deliver high-quality services to our customers around the country, whether it’s same-day break-fix, a new store install, or a national rollout.”

Ivan Matkovic
Founder & CEO