IT Perspective

An IT Perspective: Top CX Trends and Tools

Customer experience is a priority for organizations and it drives real business value. Because IT leaders are responsible for enabling great CX but also managing the technology they have, they have a careful balancing act. AI has added more factors to consider, as well.

In this video interview, Mike Schwartz, OvationCXM's COO and long-time IT leader, answers the following questions:

• How does the current economy impact CX decisions?

• What is the use of AI in customer experience?

• How should customer experience AI be used to streamline internal CX workflows?

• What is the future of CXM and AI?• How should companies weigh buy vs. build in CX technology?

• How should companies choose which CX management platform is best?

• What are the advantages of using a pre-built CXM software, like OvationCXM?

• How should CIOs weigh the total cost of ownership, plus risk and liability in CX technology?

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