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Every Step Along the Way: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journeys

Customer Experience Management – It’s a mouthful, and a loaded concept.

• What does it mean to effectively manage a customer’s experience?
• What tools are needed to do so?
• How can we measure the efficacy of those tools to consistently deliver excellent experiences?
• What is the difference between managing experiences, and measuring them?

These are incredibly important questions for any enterprise to answer, and also completely impossible to answer without first understanding the Customer Journey.

Customers will naturally have different experiences of an organization at different phases along their journey. Different teams will interact with customers according to a diverse range of objectives and priorities in line with their function, but there is one thing that they must all strive to do in order to keep their customers satisfied: ensure that those experiences are excellent. That’s why understanding what customers need out of each experience – at each phase of the journey – is crucial. We’ve written this E-Book, to help enterprises and the people who lead them – every step of the way.

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