September 14, 2022

The Future of Customer Experience Enhancement (CEE)

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Adapting to modern-day technology and implementing customer experience (CX) is daunting. The marketplace is only becoming more digitized. While convenient, customers do not get the same experience through a screen as they would walking into a store or business to feel, smell, or experience the atmosphere. It can become discouraging for business owners.

Yet, customer experience still has value, just in different ways and channels. In fact, 86% of customers say that they are ready to pay more if it means getting a better customer experience (Super Office).

With rapid technological advancements, the marketplace has become competitive, and we must find ways to stand out from the crowd when we interact with customers.

Brands must invest in the entire CX process to improve their brand reputation. Maybe you have a customer experience journey mapped out. Perhaps you merely have the stakes in the ground, but you are not far, or perhaps you have not started in the least bit. It doesn't matter what stage you are at in your development journey. Learning about customer experience enhancement will shift your customer perceptions.

What is customer experience enhancement (CEE), and why do businesses need it?

Excellent question! Our answer is simple -because it's truly in the name Customer Experience Enhancement. CEE provides your consumers with an experience (we aim for positive) by improving every touchpoint in the customer journey. The customer experience begins the moment a customer becomes aware of your company and ends when they finish interacting with your product or service. There are many milestones, both online and offline, where the customer has an opportunity to engage with your brand.

Here are some potential positive business outcomes from CEE:

Improved Customer Satisfaction. Aim for not just any experience but the best you can supply.

Increased Customer Loyalty. When you provide a great experience, customers are more likely to return and recommend your business to others.

Enriched Brand Reputation. Build a strong brand reputation with your customers.

Growth in Sales. In fact, Forbes predicts an 80% increase in revenue for businesses that focus on improving customer experience.

Navigate flaws with customer experience enhancement

At OvationCXM, our mission is to prevent CX disasters from striking. This is why our CXM platform helps your team navigate and solve problems before they occur. No business is perfect, and there is always room for upgraded services. You do not want to leave your customers with a negative experience that can translate into a bad brand reputation.

To ensure that your business provides the best customer experience, it is essential to identify areas in your customer journey that need refinement. You can evaluate whether you offer a seamless customer journey. Here is just a stage overview of placing yourself in the shoes of your customer:

●Stage 1: Awareness

●Stage 2: Consideration

●Stage 3: Selection

●Stage 4: Service

●Stage 5: Loyalty Expansion

Once we've won over customers, we want to hold onto them and give them reasons to stay. When we provide consistently strong support and service, we can move to the next step: growing the relationship deeper to capture a greater share of their wallet.

Some enterprises develop loyalty expansion plans, so satisfied customers bring over more of their business. A few ways to do this include creating a blog, newsletter, loyalty program, promotions, or client surveys. These tactics first require having a strong customer relationship in which a customer is happy. Only then will cross-selling lead to additional sales.

Implementing changes for customer experience enhancement

First, you have to identify weak points in your customer journey. That isn't easy, especially as enterprises have partnered with and built out an ecosystem of third parties that have a part in delivering the customer journey.

To spotlight obstacles and problems that need to be fixed in the customer journey requires seeing every interaction with a customer, whether inside the organization or with a partner. No CX technology previously could unify customer interaction data across organizational legacy systems and partner systems.

OvationCXM’s CXMEngine is the first platform that unifies customer interaction data in one place, so friction becomes obvious when it's happening, making it easier to fix. Implementing changes to better the customer experience can be challenging, but it pays off! Revenues for businesses prioritizing customer service rise 4-8% above their market (Bain).

Consider the following for the best results in your customer experience strategy:

Listen to customers at the moment

Some CX platforms seek out customer opinions via surveys after the fact. Today's next-generation CX technologies don't wait until a poor interaction is over to fix broken customer journeys. They fix them in the moment by analyzing interaction data as it happens and stepping in to resolve delays or confusion.

Empower customer service representatives

Whether through online chat, email, SMS, or phone. Customer service representatives are at the forefront of your customer experience. Ensure that your customer service representatives are properly trained, have access to the knowledge they can share with customers, and have collaboration tools to work with other departments and partners to resolve concerns and provide stellar service.

Protect your brand reputation by building a brand promise

Marketing helps build your brand message through advertising, public relations, and social media to help you reach your target audience. It takes a significant investment to build or deliver the brand promise and the quality of customer relationships affects this process; an unsupported customer relationship can reflect poorly on brand reputation.

This is why following your brand promise by streamlining your customers' journey with your organization is a key part of your customer experience enhancement strategy. It’s challenging to win a customer’s trust and relationship back if your CX strategy is subpar.

Be accessible on every channel

Make it easy to find services or products and to contact your organization when they need help or want to know more. One way to do that is to streamline your communications to a single platform in which every team member across the enterprise and partners outside of it can see the interaction history with the client and follow them from channel to channel to respond to requests without toggling multiple screens or logging into various platforms to do it.

Integrate a modern-day CXM

CXM technologies focus on customer engagement, satisfaction, and experience. By putting customers at the center of the business, the newest CXM platforms unlock data silos inside the organization's marketing tools, legacy systems, and/or CRM. It then aggregates that information and uses it to transform into a truly customer-centric enterprise. This customer-centric mindset prioritizes the orchestration and personalization of the entire end-to-end customer experience, allowing businesses to offer a great experience at scale, on any channel, and in real-time.

Measure your results and progress without friction

The best way to ensure your efforts in customer experience enhancement are delivering the benefits you want is to measure your changes and ensure they have the desired effect. Several metrics measure the results of your CEE efforts, from tracking your sales figures to see if there has been an increase since you made changes to your customer experience to measuring retention figures and customer and employee sentiment. Some of the metrics can include:

●Net Promoter Score (NPS)

●Customer Churn Rate

●Customer Support Call Volume

●Employee Satisfaction Scores

●Customer Journey Analytics

If your changes do not have the desired effect, adjust your approach (see our Implementing Changes for Customer Experience Enhancement section of the blog). Testing and measuring the results of your customer experience enhancement efforts will help your organization make the necessary adjustments for the best possible experience.

CXMEngine: Next-generation approach to customer experience enhancement

Make your customers' lives easier with CEE. CEE can significantly impact a customer's satisfaction with a company by providing better customer service that's more intuitive, efficient, and supportive. Designing customer journeys that deliver what they promise is a good first step. And finding technology to empower that is even better. Meet OvationCXM.

OvationCXM is the first customer experience management platform that uses a customer's interaction data, whether it occurred within the enterprise or with a partner, to fix broken customer journeys in the moments that matter.

If you're looking for a partner to help you with customer experience enhancement, look no further than OvationCXM. We're the experts in the field. In 30-60 days, we can have you up and running with OvationCXM so you can own the journey, guide the experience, and unleash the benefits. Get in touch with us today to learn more!