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4 Ways That A Tablet POS System Will Simplify Your Life

Here at Boomtown we love tablet POS systems. With their ability to quickly and easily streamline your business and bring flexibility back into your life, what’s not to love? They offer a tremendous amount of value over traditional systems and we believe they are the future of local business. Here are four ways that tablet POS solutions are helping local businesses everywhere.

  1. Reduced upfront and long-term costs

Compared to a traditional integrated point-of-sale, which can cost tens of thousands in upfront fees for equipment and setup, a tablet POS system relies on standard computing equipment, such as an iPad or android tablet. In addition to the cost of the equipment, traditional POS systems typically charge a software license fee per register and then a yearly maintenance fee on top of that. Oh, and that doesn't include support or training, which can be as much as $175 per hour. The problem with this model is that if you're unhappy with your purchase after a few months, you're out the full cost upfront.The new tablet systems operate on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, which means that you often pay nothing up front and then pay a small fee each month for the use of the software. It is common to pay as little as $50 per month to get started. Also, if you don't like what you signed up for, you can usually cancel at any time.

  1. Ability to manage your business on the go

If you don’t want to sit in your office every evening scrubbing the daily sales records, you won’t have to. With many tablet POS solutions you can see sales, inventory, and customer analytics in real time from any mobile device. Such tools provide greater flexibility and transparency, helping you to streamline your business so that you can feel confident that everything is under control when you step away from your store. Imagine knowing who your best customers are even when you are not present.

  1. Free Instant upgrades

Since the software of tablet POS providers is based in the cloud, new features as well as security upgrades are pushed through to your system instantly. There is no need to hire a consultant or have anyone come to your store since these upgrades are done remotely without any downtime to your business. This can be a huge productivity and cost advantage over traditional systems, which often require onsite expertise and significant business downtime.

  1. Seamless Integration with Helpful Tools

While legacy systems don’t tend to play well with others, tablet platforms easily integrate with many third-party tools. Many of the new tablet POS systems offer seamless integration with marketing tools such as loyalty programs, email campaigns, and rewards, as well as the critical business tools like accounting software and payment processing. This allows you to manage your entire business all from your POS. New tools are being created for tablet POS systems every day, which means that your job will get easier and easier over time.All of these advantages add up to an attractive business proposition. Lower costs, higher productivity, and reduced risk are all significant contributors to your business’s bottom line.As always, we are available at Boomtown to answer any questions you may have about upgrading to a new tablet POS system. See how Boomtown works or Give us a call at 844.800.BOOM.

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