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Solving a Growing Pain

Cloud-based point-of-sale solutions are taking off in the US right now. Seriously, they’re popping up everywhere.

From single location small businesses to national retailers, these systems are changing the way merchants manage their stores.While these systems are powerful, simple to use, and less expensive than traditional alternatives, there is a growing hole in the overall experience. With the growth of new technology comes growing pains and as John Stewart of Digital Transactions puts it, these new point-of-sale companies, “may have grown up too fast. They may have outstripped the ability of merchants and merchant-service providers to provide the kind of constant and consistent support that’s necessary to keep the tablets humming.” This is exactly what Boomtown is addressing.

Business owners already have a million things on their plates and new technology should empower business to run more efficiently, not cause additional headaches. Wireless technology is great, except when it doesn't work. When something breaks, who do you call for a quick fix? The point-of-sale provider? The internet provider? The router manufacturer? Your merchant services rep? Who knows? Boomtown does.Boomtown is partnering with the best new and existing in-store technology and merchant services providers to deliver a seamless and holistic tech support experience for businesses. Merchants can now tap one button and get a quick answer to any technology-related question they have, or have a qualified technician come right to their store when needed. It’s that easy.

Read more from John Stewart, Editor-in-chief of Digital Transactions, about how Boomtown is helping the merchant technology industry provide a unparalleled experience to its customers.

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