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Self-Ordering Kiosks Available for All Merchants, Not Just Enterprise

The last time I walked past a McDonalds I couldn't help but notice the self-ordering kiosks through the front window. To feel less guilty ordering a Big Mac, I decided to do some field testing. After my first order, without a doubt, I knew this was the future for national quick service restaurants (QSR).When the self-order was complete I picked up the order and sat down. I immediately took out my phone and started researching 'Zivelo' the name I found on the ordering kiosks. I had seen this type of technology at Panera Bread before, but I wanted to see which company could assist these brands at scale.

self-order kiosks

Zivelo is a national public technology company that was founded in 2008. Their headquarters is located near our Boomtown Operations Team in Scottsdale Arizona. They're working with national brands like Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendy's and other powerful fast-casual & QSR brands.

At Boomtown I work with massive banks and acquiring organizations that sell to thousands of local merchants across the US. It wasn't until this fall that I realized local merchants and our partners could utilize this same self-ordering kiosk technology with Apptizer.

Self-order kiosk by Apptizer

Traditionally, Apptizer supports businesses to create a mobile store that works on any device/platform (Android & iOS) with order ahead and pay the table capabilities. Just recently the Apptizer team released its 'Kiosk App' that allow local merchants the opportunity to use same technology as massive QSR brands.

Why are Self Ordering Kiosks Important?

  • Increase Sales. Process more tickets at a reduced cost = increase in sales.
  • Processes Order Payments. Provides payment convenience by paying via kiosk.
  • Less Front-house Labor Cost. Reduce your front-house labor cost by adding kiosks instead of counters.
  • Increases Accuracy. The orders are completely accurate, eliminating the possibility of human error.
  • Improves Efficiency. Customers can avoid the frustration of waiting in-line for assistance and orders can be processed faster.
  • Improves Brand Loyalty. Investing in consumer satisfaction, improves sales and brand loyalty.

What hardware is the Apptizer software compatible with?

Apptizer works on Apple iPads running iOS 9 and above, Android OS 4.4 and above, with displays 7 inches or above. Also available for Smart Point of Sales Devices-to convert to a consumer facing Kiosk like Clover, Poynt and Verifones Carbon. Boomtown is currently working on an Apptizer chatbot on our Relay support platform that will guide a user if needing support. More to come on that soon! Want to learn more? Feel free to email me at

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