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Our Product object has become one of the core components of how we differentiate ourselves from the competition. When you have a relationship with a customer, it’s almost always because you have sold them a product (this could be hardware, software, a service, or all of them). By attaching products to the Customer, Case, Article, and other objects, we are able to provide more context to the system, which enables us to deliver answers faster.

Our Universal Product Index also helps new partners start supporting their customers faster since they benefit from all the data and knowledge that we already have on a product that they sell and support.

Products Home Screen

When you click on Products you will be taken to your Organization’s product list. This means you will only see Products that you sell and/or support. For Boomtown we’ll see almost all products since we support and come across so many different products in the market. For other organizations that only sell a handful of products, they may only see 3-4 items in this list.

Since Products play such an important role in our platform, we overhauled the product card design. While we’re showing some of the same information as before, we added more, details, context, and related objects to these cards to make this more of a destination for Boomtown users.

Product Details View

Today when you open a Product you only have the option to edit a few fields. We are updating our product views to create a more holistic view of the product and how your team and customers are interacting with it. 

This new information includes details and stats about the product, all cloud endpoints that you are monitoring, all Cases that are related to that Product, and all Articles that are related to that Product. 

With all this information in one place, it becomes much easier to quickly get a sense for the status of the Product, the most common problems/questions, the most helpful knowledge, and more.

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