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How Our Innovative Technology Offers the Best Journey For Your Customers

They say that success is the journey, not the destination. But the journey shouldn’t have to be a choppy and disjointed one for both your business and customers. You don’t have to be Adam Sandler exasperatedly screaming over the lack of integration in his life ala 2006’s Click. (A reference that’s almost as dated as many companies’ customer experience management (CXM) systems).

At OvationCXM, it’s our mission to empower businesses with the technology and tools they need to ensure their customers feel valued and deeply appreciated. We want our clients' customers to become raving fans -to be more satisfied and loyal and have long-term relationships more than ever before. We'll be relentless in our pursuit of achieving just that.

As recently as 2021, 86% of organizations lamented the lack of a unified customer experience management platform to accommodate their business needs (Business Wire). What’s more, 90% of respondents also reported that their companies are missing essential CXM capabilities. The biggest listed problem? A lack of strategy to properly drive their brands.

Our flagship CXMEngine isn’t a work of science fiction nor is it a dream of tomorrow, but our technology is fulfilling your customers’ needs today. We accomplish what our competitors cannot, keeping the customers’ journey in mind by cutting through the clutter to offer a unified CXM system. Let’s break down exactly what our system does and how it can fulfill customers’ needs.

CXMEngine Puts Customer Experience in the Palm of Your Hand

CXMEngine includes a built-in CX management system that oversees real-time data  on customers, cases, and comms, and allows you to identify customers’ needs as they arise. While it may seem like self-promotion, our goal is to always put the customer first. Through Journey Orchestration, you can map out personalized customer journeys that are simple to use and navigate for unlimited use cases –sales, onboarding, activation, servicing and support. No customer is the same so why take the same approach to every demographic? Instead, you can establish goals and milestones.

Through our automation engine, you can lessen the workload for your team and yourself. Our AI uses a rules-based system that triggers when certain guidelines have been met. All you have to do is build a simple rule, and the automation process handles the rest. Speaking of saving time, why waste precious resources out of the day having to search for relevant information? Our Knowledge Delivery system serves up all the relevant data you need at a moment’s notice, and it can be self-serve, where you push it to customers or support teams as needed or searchable when they want help. It can be set up with automation to trigger a response when a customer is in distress.

Get a birds-eye view of your client, your partners and your internal teams. CXMEngine combines all of your customer’s interaction data and communications through our ecosystem with allowances for third-party collaboration. Avoid treating customers like they are in a pinball machine by sending them here and there for help. And eliminate the ping-pong effect with your own teams, too, and stop them from bouncing back and forth trying to piece together the full picture of your data. Instead, our CXM consolidates all of your business info as well as collaborations with partners into one easy-to-access place. It’s innovation that’s leading the way in the CX industry.

There Are More Than KPIs to Measure a Company’s Success

The invention of the wheel was mankind’s crowning achievement, but fortunately, humanity didn’t stop there. Likewise, KPIs, a very important and critical component of the business world, especially in the digital era, are not the be-all-end-all. But adaptability and efficiency shouldn’t stop there.

KPIs are key performance indicators that evaluate the overall performance and health of a brand. But KPIs can be extremely narrowed-focus, driven by only the outcomes at the end of the quarter. They are destination rather than journey-focused. One key flaw of KPIs is that they don’t take into account real-time customer experience or critical needs until it affects the brand’s bottom line. By that point, your brand may be in crisis mode.

While KPIs may measure success, CXM examines your customer’s overall satisfaction and offers an overall picture of your brand and its offerings. With the rise of the digital age, CXM often works in tandem with KPIs, garnering an increasing relevance. But not all CXM systems are created equal.

Our CXMEngine differs from the competition in examining all parts in real time, giving you the quickest snapshot of crucial data. That’s a 30,000 foot explanation of how an innovative CXM can be a complete game changer in regard to your business relationship with your customers. Digging deeper, CXMEngine addresses critical needs in three major areas: Onboarding, Support, and Sales Enablement.

Onboarding for Success

What’s the biggest challenge to customer satisfaction and a brand’s success? The beginning of a customer’s journey with a brand is fraught with peril. A lengthy customer activation process ends up producing too much churn, isolating clients from the brand.

In layman’s terms, a business never fully provides all of its benefits and potential, causing a percentage of customers to stop using the brand. This happens for a number of reasons –businesses may lack the full scope of data across all of their partners or communication may come to a standstill. The law of atrophy, a gradual decline in effectiveness, can quickly wilt a business. A strong CXM can set businesses up with the tools it needs to avoid these pitfalls. For instance, you can see trending data more quickly, reach a new level of transparency with partners, and simplify the customer experience by only having a single point of entry. These tools will help start your brand’s customer journey off on the right foot.

Serving Up the Right Support

But a brand’s work in acquisition is never done. While it’s helpful to gain new customers, it’s even more important to maintain your current audience base. You want them to stay happy and well-fed, so to speak. Nothing will sink a business faster than subpar customer interactions and a lack of resources to provide support. Inexperienced leadership can cause costly mistakes.

Fortunately, our CXM platform can provide necessary resources to even small businesses. First, we provide CX Support to offer our expertise in expanding your customer management. No one expects you to be an expert in CXM right off the bat, so why not rely on our team of experts to help you do the heavy lifting?  

How does this transfer to the customer experience? Well, using our state-of-the-art technology, you’re guaranteeing that your customers are interacting with the most informed teams to achieve their wants and needs, and solve problems.

Help Your Sales Team Make Crucial Sales

It goes without saying that the sales team is one of the most crucial components of any business, but often they can feel like an island separate from the rest of your company’s teams. Vital information is kept in separate systems and departments, and while it may be necessary to deliver the journey, it can lead to the sales team firing in the dark, lacking much-needed info on customer preferences, history, etc. Finding such info shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt for your sales team.

Through our CXM, the sales team has 360-degree visibility when it comes to data aggregation and collaboration with other teams and providers. How does this help the customer experience? The sales team is able to identify milestones, identify product fit, extend support and information to move through the sales process and identify trends. It takes much of the guesswork out of sales, providing a happy customer experience.

A wide variety of clients from banks to retail to healthcare to technology providers and every brand in between could benefit from a strong CXM program. CXM allows you to view journey progress as it occurs and use it to demolish obstacles to success. It’s also a good way to analyze problems and provide real-time responses. It’s our motto to always put the customer first, so why aren’t businesses taking this crucial factor into account? Too often the customer’s journey gets pushed to the wayside, but more and more, brands are wising up and looking for the tools to help. Don’t let your brand get left in the stone age. Join us on the pinnacle of the next big leap in customer experience management.

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