Getting blamed for issues that you have no control over?

While working with some of the best product support teams out there, we’ve found that the hardest problems to solve are the ones you don’t control. Obvious, right? What can you do if you get a question about why your software isn’t working, but the real issue is that the internet is down? The answer used to be that you tell the merchant that 1) it’s not your fault, 2) there’s nothing you can do, and 3) they should contact their internet service provider. The merchant then goes away unsatisfied, because they still have a problem that you couldn’t solve.

As businesses continue to invest in store technology, the interdependence of those systems is increasing. The question of who can solve an issue gets more complicated, but merchant technology providers on the front line of customer support continue to get the initial calls – often for issues they cannot resolve.

When a merchant swipes a credit card and it doesn’t work, they try again. If that fails, they try another card. When that fails as well, who should they call? The payment processor? The point-of-sale provider? The internet service provider? The hardware manufacturer? Who knows?  The failure point may lie anywhere along that chain, but the merchant isn’t likely to diagnose the root cause before they contact you.

To help you solve this challenge, we have built the world’s first cross-company collaborative support software for merchants

What does that mean?It means business owners now have a single button to press when they have a technology or functionality issue. Any issue.Whether it’s a software question for their point-of-sale system, a hardware question about why their kitchen printer isn’t working, or maybe they’re wondering why the internet is running slow. A merchant can launch one app, tap one button, and connect to a collaborative support team that is set up to resolve the issue. In one contact.  

A business owner no longer needs to remember 15 different support phone numbers, or make 5 separate calls, just to find the person who can actually resolve their issue.With a single button, support teams can now pass the issue to the right provider without the merchant ever leaving the video session. We can even bring multiple support team members from various organizations onto a call at the same time if needed.This means that your organization can help solve issues that aren't even yours, and you can keep your merchants satisfied because you got them the right answer -- fast. Everybody wins because the merchant gets time back that would  otherwise have been wasted.  This leads to higher merchant satisfaction and less attrition.

Creating a Support Ecosystem

It is our mission to bring together the support teams for all merchant technology providers so we can provide a better overall experience for the merchant. This includes providers such as point-of-sale, payment processors, loyalty, software integrators, networking hardware, wireless audio, and many more. With Boomtown’s Support App, everyone now has the ability to pass support calls to the right provider without the merchant having to figure out who that is.This is support for the 21st century. Come join us.