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Boomtown Reviews: talech POS

The Basics

Founded in 2014, talech (yes, with a lower-case “t”) has quickly become one of the premiere cloud-based point of sale solutions for small and medium sized merchants. talech’s POS software runs on virtually any modern iPad that is running iOS 6.0 or higher. Its simple, intuitive interface has been raved about by many of their merchants. Large, color-coded buttons makes navigating the menu extremely easy, which also drastically decreases time spent training new employees on the system. talech does not manufacture any hardware, however they have partnered with leading manufacturers like Heckler Designs stands and Star printers to fulfill its merchants’ hardware needs. talech’s pricing is very straight-forward, starting at $49/month for the first device and $24/month for each additional device. There are no hidden start-up or per-transaction fees, and no commitments for the merchant. talech’s processing fees vary by provider. talech is also partnered with U.S. Bank/Elavon, which makes it a very attractive option for their current customers.

The Features:

talech is loaded with convenient features for small and medium sized businesses. It has robust inventory tracking allowing merchants to manage their inventory in real-time. talech’s inventory platform makes it easy to add items and edit prices and quantities directly in the interface. talech features built-in employee tracking tools, where employees can clock in and out and timesheets are automatically created and updated. talech also gives managers the ability to control what certain employees can access in the point of sale, ensuring sensitive data stays in the right hands. Splitting checks and accepting multiple forms of payments is also extremely easy with talech, as it allows employees to customize payment for each guest as needed.

The Highlights:

One of the biggest standout features is talech’s cloud-based analytics platform. Merchants can access their sales, inventory, employee and customer data from any computer or iPad. Detailed reports on essential data like sales and transaction trends, employee performance, and customer behavior are easily pulled and exported into excel. With talech’s customer insights, merchants can quickly see the total number of visits each customer has made to their store, how much they typically spend per visit, and the number of days since their last visit. This is extremely powerful data, as it gives merchants a better understanding of who their customers are and how they interact with their store.

Who it works best for

talech is best suited for small to medium sized retailers and fast casual restaurants. Retailers will find their inventory management and barcode tools extremely helpful. This allows merchants to scan barcodes and either add them to a customers’ order or add them directly into inventory. talech also comes with a feature that allows merchants to create and print their own barcodes from any standard home or office printer. Retailers will find the sign-on-device feature handy, as customers can easily draw their signature directly on the iPad. It’s a simple feature that adds a modern touch to every transaction and customer interaction. talech comes with an customizable table grid which makes it ideal for restaurants looking to upgrade to a tablet point of sale. Merchants can easily print receipts or orders to multiple printers, and talech allows merchants to group their printers - like kitchen, bar and expo printers - and send specific orders or receipts to the printers in each group. Lastly, talech makes adding items, modifiers, or changes to any order very simple. talech’s combination of modern functionality and its streamlined user interface makes it an ideal choice for many small to medium sized merchants.

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