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Boomtown Reviews: Aptito Restaurant POS

The Basics:

In this edition of Boomtown Reviews we’ll be looking at Aptito’s cloud-based restaurant POS solution. Aptito is more than just an average point of sale, it’s a full restaurant management system that enhances the customers experience as well. Aptito has a sleek, easy-to-learn interface and runs on virtually any iOS device. Aptito comes with a 30 day free trial where merchants pay no software or processing fees, and after the 30-day free trial the software costs $14.99 per month per terminal. Aptito also has a full hardware store where merchants can buy or lease hardware bundles. A Full Station POS starts at $99 per month and comes with an iPad, iPad enclosure, card swiper, cash drawer, receipt printers and a local server. For quick-serve businesses Aptito sells a Kiosk solution that comes with a self-serve iPad enclosure and second iPad terminal and peripherals for $130 month. Processing varies based on the business owners’ credit history, but merchants can take advantage of discounted fees with Aptito’s direct integrations to their backend processor (TSYS) through Verifone card readers.

The Features:

Aptito’s cloud-based system is automatically backed up on the local server and can be accessed remotely so restaurant owners can review and monitor every aspect of their business, even while on vacation. Aptito is a fully mobile solution, providing the full POS software on iPhones which can be used by wait staff or delivery drivers. Aptito is also fully compatible with EMV chip technology to prepare merchants for the liability shift coming this October. Its Verifone EMV readers are fully PCI complaint and can be used on both the POS terminal and mPOS software and has integrated NFC technology which supports payment tools like Apple Pay.

Aptito’s fully digital menus provide a modern customer experience directly at the table. Customers can view high-definition images of each dish on the menu and they decide what to order. There is also a feature where customers can request their waiter or waitress though the menu instead of having to flag someone down from across the restaurant.

The mPOS solution enables in-store staff to send orders directly from the iPhone, which increases the efficiency by limiting the staffs’ trips to the kitchen. It also allows for delivery drivers to have orders sent directly to their phones with interactive driving directions and specific customer messages tamiflu medicine. Drivers can also accept payments and receive signatures directly on the device.

With Aptito’s back-office tool, managers can review real-time dashboards and track key financial reports. Aptito also allows restaurant owners to create customized loyalty programs to reward their most frequent customers and review spending patterns and individual visits.

The Highlights:

One of the main highlights of Aptito is its extensive and automatic inventory tracking system. Restaurant owners can view real-time counts on each item in its kitchen and bar and will automatically update as guests place orders. It will also send alerts when items reach a certain threshold, alerting the managers to order more. It tracks the individual ingredients in each dish and allows restaurant owners see the precise cost of each of the dishes the chef is serving.

The digital menus are also a nice touch that are cool in the eyes of the customer and can cut costs in the long run. Restaurants that are constantly updating and changing their menu will find the digital menus extremely convenient as they will never have to reprint new menus and can update them in a fraction of the time. Merchants can place food and drink orders directly from the menus and they will get sent straight to the kitchen. This not only speeds up the service but also frees up some of the wait staffs time. It also features intelligent wine tasting and paring choices so customers can order the perfect drink with their entrée.

Who it’s best for:

Aptito was designed for all types of restaurants and allows for efficient management from the table to the kitchen. Its full table grid and automated reservation system will greatly benefit upscale and full-service restaurants, and the kiosk station will look great in any quick-serve establishment. Aptito’s inventory tracking and real-time cloud-based reports rivals the capabilities of any bulky legacy POS and will make any restaurateurs life easier all for a reasonable monthly cost.

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