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Boomtown Release Notes: September 2020

The next release will be on 9/24 at 9pm PST.

With this release we continued to focus on core enhancements to the new interface based on feedback we have received over the past few months. Here's what's going live next Thursday night:

Communication Panel Updates

We continued to refine our communications panel with this release, specifically focused on email communications.

  • We removed avatars on emails to allow for more horizontal space to view content
  • We updated the file attachment UI so it shows all attachments on an outbound email (instead of only showing the latest) and also updated the uploading status bar to only show once you click Send
  • We fixed a bug where the subject lines were sometimes not displaying on existing threads and not saving on new email threads

Solutions Panel

We updated the tags in the Solutions panel with new accept and reject buttons to streamline the process of accepting and rejecting tags that have been suggested.

Multi-Select Views

When you’re setting custom filters on the Cases list to create Views, you can now set multiple options on each filter. For example, you can now set multiple Teams, Users, Statuses, etc., which will enable you to create more flexible Views.

These multi-select filters will act as 'OR' statements so you can add filters across multiple options in one filter. For example, you might want to see all open Cases across Team A, B, or C.

Web Chat UI Update

We updated the style of the Web Chat widget container as well as the chats and buttons that you interact with. This is the first step of some major Web Chat updates that are coming over the next few sprints that will make our chat more powerful while increasing the flexibility, ease of use, and customization of Web Chat.

Knowledge Updates

We fixed a number of small bugs in the Knowledge Base:

  • Updated custom navigation links on mobile KB to be responsive
  • Updated embedded Article UI to match standard Articles (and allowed embedded videos)
  • Fixed centering of custom labels on the public knowledge base
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from re-using labels that were previously used and deleted
  • Updated the button on an Article edit view to display 'Save Draft' instead of 'Save' so it's clear the article is not being published
  • Updated navigation in Knowledge so filters are retained as you navigate through various Articles
  • Fixed an error related to cloning articles

Platform Updates

We made a few enhancements to our core Case workflows.

Add Forms to Cases - You can now submit a form directly from a Case by going to Actions > Add Form. These forms are accessible on the Case and also via reporting.

Priority Field on Cases - Each Case now has a priority. There are two priority levels - Normal (default) and High. Today this is a simple toggle on the Case, but in the near future this will tie into how Cases get sorted and routed to ensure high priority Cases automatically get moved to the top of the queue.

Customer Segment Field on Locations - We have added a field on Customer Locations called Customer Segment. Organizations can now create multiple customer segments to organize their customers into groups and provide more personalized experiences by segment. This means organizations will be able to send different communications based on the segment, route segments to different queues, or show different knowledge to the customer based on their segment.

Avaya Integration Update - We enhanced our Avaya integration to streamline configuration for large queue/team routing scenarios.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added timestamps to chat messages
  • Product Lists now only show My Organization's products and not the product index
  • Fixed an error when editing a Customer Location Block in Custom Layouts
  • Fixed some small API bugs
  • Fixed a bug related to adding new emails to receive a survey on Case resolution
  • Additional updates to the triggers, titles, and descriptions on our Events Timeline
  • Fixed an error related to cloning Cases
  • Updated the Send Survey button to show that a user has already successfully sent a survey
  • Fixed a bug in the small screen navigation switcher
  • Fixed a bug requiring a user to refresh when adding products to a customer
  • Updated Text Area field formatting to retain line breaks
  • Updated the title of conversation panel to better reflect the communication thread you have open
  • Added organization defaults for 'Waiting For' tags
  • Updated the loading of Views

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at product@goboomtown.com.

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