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Boomtown Release Notes: December 22 2020

The next release is on Tuesday, 12/22 at 9pm PST.

As the year comes to a close, we’re focused on cleaning up bugs and optimizing performance of our new interface so we have a strong start to 2021. 

Here’s what’s going live with this release:


We made a number of enhancements to Webchat with this release that focused on enhancing the workflows for the end customer as well as delivering more knowledge in the chat experience.

  1. We now display full Knowledge Articles directly in chat (with new styling pulling from your global Knowledge Library CSS). This makes it easier and faster for customers to find the information they need without having to navigate to another tab.
  2. We added an End Chat button at the top of the chat screen so Customers can let teams know when they are leaving a conversation. This will reduce the time that teams spend chatting with Customers who have already left the site.
  3. With the new End Chat button, we now also give customers the ability to navigate back to the chat home screen without having to end the chat.
  4. We converted the rating screen from a full screen to an in-chat object. This will allow customers to review the conversation or reference articles that were shared even after the conversation has ended.


The Knowledge updates from this release include:

  1. Fixed the Auto Generate Articles toggle on related articles.
  2. Fixed issue with internal Articles periodically showing ‘you do not have access to this content’ when you first load them from the Article preview and from the Solutions panel on a Case.
  3. We updated the new Article workflow so you can now add images to new Articles before saving the Article.
  4. Fixed the image style for Bordered when using the WYSIWYG editor to customize your images.
  5. Fixed a bug that periodically showed errors when uploading videos to an Article. .MP4 and .WebM are valid formats and embedding iFrames is now allowed.
  6. Updated the Article editor so the Article can't be saved until you return to the WYSIWYG view (can't save in code view to prevent saving bad code).
  7. Updated the Status filter to include Pending Drafts as part of the Draft option (i.e. both new drafts without a Published revision and Draft Revisions on previously Published Articles).
  8. Updated the Edit Articles permission to allow editing of Pending Drafts (with previously Published Revisions) instead of just new Drafts.

New API Endpoints

We added a few new API endpoints to facilitate data management and programmatically deleting data.

We added endpoints to delete Customers, Locations, and Contacts (Customer Users).

We also added new endpoints to lookup a product belonging to a customer based on the product’s external ID and for Organizations to update Boomtown’s global product index via API.

SDK Configurator Updates

We made a few updates to our SDK configurator to allow for further customization without having to edit code in your app. These include:

1) Surface Forms selection in the new interface so you can add one or more Forms to your Support SDK. Adding a single Form to your SDK will now skip the form selection page and take your Customers directly into the Form.

2) Updated the URL support block so you can customize specific URLs that you want to open in a new browser when clicked



We made a few small Search updates and we are planning to make a handful more over the coming releases.

  1. Partial search - search was sometimes getting stuck looking for partial search matches as you typed and this update allows the search queries to refresh whenever the query changes.
  2. Fixed the ‘View All {Object}’ button at the bottom of the All tab on global search. This will now take you to view all the results for that object.
  3. Fixed a bug preventing Product filters from saving when you searched for a Product on the Knowledge Homepage filters 

Security and Performance Updates

  1. Updated our stub customer garbage collection routine that cleans up placeholder customers from old chats/emails/texts that incorrectly attached to the wrong customer profile.
  2. Enhanced our webchat connection to reduce the time it takes to launch a chat session and bring the chatbot into the conversation.
  3. Made a number of security updates based on ongoing Veracode scans results.
  4. Made 15 query performance updates to increase the page loading speed. We will continue to optimize additional queries over the coming releases.
  5. Removed unused indexes across the platform to further increase overall speed.
  6. We completed a refactor of our Case view to optimize column loading and reduce possible load failures.


Bug Fixes & Other Updates

  1. Fixed an issue where creating a new Case while currently on a different Case would result in broken buttons at the bottom of column 2 of the Case view.
  2. Fixed a display issue where email Subject, To, and CC fields sometimes appeared blank after loading a Case.
  3. Updated the email composer to retain a minimum height when adding CC participants so the writing area is always visible.
  4. Fixed an issue preventing adding a tag from Suggestions to the Case.
  5. Accepting an Article Suggestion sometimes copied the wrong URL.
  6. Clicking the Use Article button on an Article in the Solutions panel didn't copy the URL or paste the Article Introduction text into the composer.
  7. Fixed a bug where reordering fields on a Form caused them to sometimes be deleted.
  8. Fixed a bug where reordering fields on a Form sometimes changed the order the other fields.
  9. Fixed a bug where adding a Parent Field to a field would add that Parent Field to all fields in a Form.
  10. Updated the overlay column that appears when clicking on a Location/Contact/Product on in column 1 of the Case view to be responsive and not get stuck when navigating to another screen.
  11. Updated the 'Export to Excel' function on saved Views to export all results instead of just the first 20.
  12. Updated the View filters for Ready and Waiting statuses so they now show in the insights panel.
  13. Fixed a bug where users sometimes received an error "source object (issue) does not exist" after reassigning a Case.
  14. Fixed a Webchat bug where the chat counter to continue to increase when the user had a bad/stale cookie.
  15. Updated the Filters on the Case and Customer lists to now allow users to filter by Custom Fields.

As always, if you have any questions for feedback, please email us at product@goboomtown.com.

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