What is Knowledge Delivery?

It’s a classic, unfortunate scenario that has befallen sales teams, operations teams, and support teams alike. A client or customer presents a question for which a team member has no immediate answer, and a pause ensues in which that employee searches through a byzantine filing system in the hope of uncovering it, or worse, asks other people on the team in an effort to find someone who has seen this issue before.

What goes through the mind of a client or potential customer during that pause? A couple of questions are possible:

-   Why aren’t they ready? Why does this happen every time I call?

-   Why should I buy this if they can’t get it together?

-   How can they not know this? Why am I still paying for this?

-   Their customer service could improve…

And so forth. Time spent searching for answers is costly and is about as efficient as looking for a library book with the Dewey Decimal system. That’s why we believe it’s time to bring knowledge management into the 21st century – with Knowledge Delivery.

Knowledge Delivery = Knowledge in Motion

Knowledge Delivery is exactly what it sounds like – knowledge that is delivered to an end-user or customer service representative without additional effort, using contextual data you already have about your customers. We developed this concept and technology to solve the problem of static knowledge – warehoused information that may or may not be helpful to an end-user, with the onus on the user to find the knowledge they seek. 

Knowledge is useless if it is stored away in a knowledge base, siloed off from the users who need to access it. Searching for static knowledge is a time-suck. When users have to spend their time searching for answers to their questions, efficiency is minimized, and less is achieved throughout the day.

In creating an approach to address this problem, we knew that we’d need to develop a system in which contextual, relevant knowledge could be pushed to end-users. The only way to achieve this would be through artificial intelligence.

The Right Knowledge at the Right Time

We knew that leveraging AI would be instrumental in transforming how we think about operational efficiency and knowledge management at an organizational level. With the platform being AI-powered, the information pushed to the user is always specifically related to the problem at hand, whatever that problem may be.

This is achieved through extensive cataloging of products, a client’s prior support history, and any other relevant information to a particular scenario (such as a router going down). The platform then offers step-by-step solutions to the issue in question, without having to navigate a database or thumb through a PDF. Users can mark the solution provided as either correct or incorrect, which in turn teaches the platform what knowledge it should deliver in similar future events.

The platform also solves the problem of siloed (or “tribal”) information. That is, information that one team member may be aware of, but that others are not. With team members able to interact and collaborate directly in the platform, they can take over one another’s tickets, and managers can provide oversight with a transparent view into each day’s support cases.

What’s ours is yours

Boomtown got its start providing outsourced support to many small businesses that use Point-of-Sale hardware and software. Given that most owners of these businesses aren’t always technically advanced enough to handle problems as they arise, such as a network outage, they rely on the Boomtown team to provide proactive support in an efficient way to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

We developed the Knowledge Delivery platform to empower our own team members to operate at optimal efficiency but realized that it could be useful in myriad contexts, from banking to healthcare. Most recently, we’ve imported knowledge from the SBA 7(a) loan program to assist banks in disbursing loans to small businesses as efficiently as possible.

In bringing this product to market, we seek to empower other teams to make the best use of their time, so that they can focus on what matters most – providing their customers and clients with excellent experiences at every step of their journey, from sales to ongoing support.

If you’d like to get in touch about the platform or have any questions about how you might use it to make the most out of your existing knowledge base, please get in touch at

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