Real-World Business

Taking Stock & Looking Forward

A Year in Review

What more can be said about this past year that hasn’t been said already? Most people now shudder when the word “unprecedented” is used unironically in a sentence, particularly in the world of business. Same goes for the saying, “Hindsight is 2020.” The challenges that have befallen our world, country, communities, and businesses in 2020 have tested our will, resilience, courage, and humanity. Through it all, though, we have seen how those in the business community have worked together so that we might all get through these troubled times. From community clothes makers sewing masks at breakneck pace to distilleries re-engineering their processes to make hand sanitizer, we’ve seen how entrepreneurs utilized their resources to pull together for the greater good, playing their part in our common effort of defeating this virus and revitalizing our economy. 

We were also glad to play our part, from building the software infrastructure necessary to help banks disburse PPP loans as efficiently as possible to working with merchant technology partners that are revolutionizing what it means to provide safe retail experiences, we’ve striven to deliver on our promises, always keeping in mind our founding mission: to help businesses thrive through delivering excellent customer experiences.

Moving Onward

As we look to the future, we know that the challenges we’ve been facing won’t just stay in the past. It is going to require all of our energy, hope, and talent to surmount obstacles that we never saw coming. We have to learn from the lessons of this past year to be better prepared to tackle what lies ahead. This means actively working toward rebuilding an economy where businesses can thrive, as we reimagine what digital transformation means for organizations that want to grow, scale, and face the demands of the 21st century head on. 

Thankfully, due to recent medical breakthroughs, recovery is within reach. Still we realize, though, that this may have come too little, too late, for far too many. It is our fervent hope that for every business that did not survive the shocks of 2020, another business might rise up in its place, providing employment where it was lost, and ensuring that our economic engine will keep humming. We know that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we are undaunted in our commitment to provide tools and services to both them, and the enterprises and banks that serve them, as they set out a course for recovery in 2021 and beyond.