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Shopify Now Accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay with New EMV Reader

Shopify, the Canadian iPad point-of sale company, has recently joined the ranks of POS companies that are preparing their merchants for the shift to EMV. Shopify’s new card reader will allow their merchants to accept multiple new types of payments including Chip & Pin and NFC payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. “We want to make it easy for our merchants to accept any type of payment,” said Guy Poirier, Retail Product Lead at Shopify. “With our new card reader, our merchants will be able to accept all of the most popular forms of payment available on the market today.”

The new card readers are currently available for pre-order and will ship in late 2015. Seeing this is beyond the October deadline, Shopify created their Liability Shift Protection Program in which all U.S.-based merchants that pre-order the new card reader will be enrolled in. This protection program covers merchants against fraudulent chargebacks made using Shopify’s existing swipe credit card reader until the new card reader is received.

The card reader wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to any iPad or iPhone currently running the Shopify POS app, and utilizes the screen of the iOS device to collect signatures. Shopify merchants can pre-order the reader for a discounted price of $99 with rates as low as 2.2% visit site. You can read the full press release here or learn more about the EMV reader and pre-order on Shopify’s website.

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