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Salon Scheduling Application Now Available on Poynt

Introducing Salon Scheduling on Poynt!

This summer we're excited to introduce the Salon Scheduling Application on Poynt, the smart credit card terminal. With several out-of-the-box features, the Salon Scheduler Application should help fill a lot of missing components for any merchant in the health & beauty industry using Poynt as their payment device.Here are a few of the key features of the Salon Scheduling Application on Poynt.

Online Scheduling

Salon Scheduler automatically creates a personalized website for the business owner during sign up. This allows customers to schedule online appointments from their home, choosing their stylist and service.

Mobile Reporting & Loyalty

Salon Scheduler also generates a custom report URL allowing the business owner to track sales, pay out commissions, and check specific customer loyalty.

Text Message Reminders/Notifications

Salon Scheduler automatically sends reminders out to customers allowing them to confirm, reschedule, and cancel appointments. This allows the customer to manage their appointment in real time. When the customer makes any changes, the updates are passed back to the Salon Scheduler App, which updates automatically to show the latest information to the merchant.

Customization & Employee Permissions

The scheduler is very customizable, which allows the merchant to easily manage employee hours, breaks, and commissions. There are built-in notifications so the salon owner and staff can keep up to date on appointments in real time. As a business owner, you can set up permissions and schedulers for each of the employees.

Salon Scheduling on Poynt


The Salon Scheduler App costs $30/month per merchant and is available in the Poynt App Market which can be accessed directly through the Poynt Terminal.Poynt just released a recurring payment/subscription feature this summer (in beta) and invoicing capabilities. Between these two new features and the Salon Scheduling Application, any merchant in the Health/Beauty should have a good set up to run their business.

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