Omnichannel Support: How to Build an Omnichannel Support Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you want to continue to provide high-quality customer support in the face of rising consumer expectations, it might be time to upgrade your strategy.

Businesses that are stuck using siloed multi-channel support – or, even worse, single-channel support – are wasting a valuable opportunity to provide better customer experiences through omnichannel support.


Because omnichannel support makes it easy to serve customer on whatever communication channel they prefer most. This holds true even if a customer live chats with a chatbot one day and calls in to speak to an agent the next.

Furthermore, your agents are better prepared to handle just about anything that comes their way – making omnichannel support an ideal strategy for both your team and for your customers.

The first step to building an omnichannel support strategy is deciding whether your agents should focus on one channel or multiple channels. Then, you should consider subdividing your team by either tiers or subject of expertise.

Though there is merit to each of these approaches, it’s important to choose the framework that most closely aligns with your goals, resources, and customer needs.

Whatever model you choose to work with, make sure your team has the right tools and software to resolve issues quickly and effectively. Boomtown can help by bringing together all of your customer conversations in one place.

The infographic below provides more information on how to build and implement your own omnichannel support strategy that works best for your support team and your customers.

Omnichannel Support Strategic Infographic

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