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The First Dual Screen Heckler Stand for iPad Air and iPad Mini

Keeping with their attractive and minimalist design, Heckler recently announced their new WindFall stand for iPad point-of-sale systems. This new Heckler stand is focused on the interactive customer checkout, without the need to swivel or turn your iPad to the customer. The Heckler WindFall Duo features two tablets in one stand. A main iPad display that faces the merchant and second screen (either the same size or smaller) that faces the customer.Point-of-sale systems such as Revel and Vend now offer a dedicated app for your customers to interact with during checkout. This enables your customers to verify prices, subscribe to your mailing list, and check in to your loyalty system while your employee is busy scanning their items. We have no doubt that more tablet-based point-of-sale systems will offer this same functionality very soon.In addition to holding multiple screens, the new WindFall Duo stand allows for cards to be easily swiped from either direction (so you or your customer can swipe the card) and connects to a Kensignton ClickSafe lock so you can be sure no one runs off with your station.If you want to learn more or buy one, check Heckler's website here.

Have you used the WindFall Duo yet? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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